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Kylie Donald Duck doesnt wear any pants, yet still wraps a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower.. I just don't get it..
MadDog he's gotta get dry somehow... its just a convenient place to hang a towell.
Kylie true true

Kylie read the posting board..
MadDog BWAHAHAHAHAHH!!! It's my birthday? What made you think of that....
Kylie I dunno, something to do *grins* just wanted to see if anyone logically might think.. "hey his birthday isnt' really then.."
MadDog I'm just going to leave it go.... and see if I get more birthday greetings than I did on my ACTUAL BIRTHDAY... heheheh
MadDog heheh
Kylie pretty funny, and it shows ppl like you!.. its all good.. i'm pretty sure cloudy or someone is gunna bust us
MadDog yeah... i mean it was only like 4 months ago....
Kylie yeah thats what i mean.. surly someone is gunna go.. hey that wasn't that long ago.. plus i never get to send a birthday message to someone, someone else always thinks of it first.. so i thought i'd get in early... note that i havn'et actually stated that its your birthday today or anything..
MadDog MWAHAH.. heheh funee
Kylie in honor of your birthday, lets celebrate and have lunch today..

Kylie its almost april fools day!! i have to start skeeming..
MadDog heheh... skeem on.... just not about me... :)
Kylie well you help me skeem then... we'll get someone, or several ppl.. i need an april fools day hit man, and i need you help doing it *grins*
MadDog hehehe.. Im no good at thinking up that sort of thing.... I'll help where I can tho....
Kylie ok, i'll see how i go.. is there anyone in particular you would like to get?
MadDog nup
Kylie ok , i shall skeem ;)
MadDog skeem on

MadDog ahh.... when til when?
MadDog never mind.. stoopid me didnt red the full thread..
Kylie not sure of the times... was gunna ask you that heh, bt you obviously don't know *grins*
Kylie oh looks like i'm stupid too ;)
MadDog we are a big bunch of dum dum stoopid heads.. :)
Kylie yeah.. ah well

MadDog :D did you ever watch the mysterious cities of gold?
Kylie certainly did.. "do do doo do doo citiees of goooooold"
MadDog hehhehe... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh someday we will find.. the ceeteees of gooooooooooooold!
Kylie yay! one more time.. "do do do doo do aah ahh ahh do do do doo do ciities of gooooold"

MadDog yay sophie...
Kylie :)

MadDog owooo!
Kylie *does a kung-fu kick*
MadDog owww... quit it!!! aaaahh...
Kylie its ok "You're A Winner"
MadDog ha ha ha...
Kylie ok, i shall stop my wackiness now
MadDog yes.. my head is sore....

Kylie All Your Beer Are Belong To Us!
MadDog no.... to ME!

Kylie yay yay yay yay and one more.. yay! :)
MadDog whut are ye yaying at there young kylie?
Kylie i have friday, monday... and Tuesday off!! yay! yay! :)
MadDog YAY! forholidays!
Kylie hee hee

Kylie blues clues! ;)
MadDog huzzah!

MadDog dont like it... no
Kylie no no don't like it
MadDog no

Kylie hey i've got a song in my head..
now i think i'm wrong..
but is it "my bunny lies over the ocean, my
bunny lies over the sea, my bunny lies over
the ocean, please bring back my bunny to me.."

i'm guessing its probably "bonnie" not "bunny" but bunny is way better
MadDog yes.. bonnie...
but youre right.. bunny is way cooler

Kylie zed ee en en why dot oh are gee :)
MadDog took me a while.. hehe
Kylie yeah i know, i just wanted to slepp it groovy ;) i would have done pee ell aye en ee tee em aye dee dee oh gee dot see oh em but that just would have taken to long ;)
MadDog hahahha.. an you did!

MadDog there you are!
Kylie do i know you?
MadDog nope, but there you are!
Kylie yay!

MadDog oooh.. swirly....
Kylie yeah swirly ;)

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