Everything Zen

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zen bwahah....john howard got pelteded with tampons heeh
MadDog you said tampons.. hehehe

MadDog Oh! We got a gig!
zen a wig!? tell me that story
MadDog no a GIG!! We might be playing at a 21st....
zen haha..what a miss read ;) A GIG THATS UNREAL!! :)
MadDog yeah.. PAYING!!! $200!!!
zen ooerr..even better
MadDog yeah!! cool!
zen do you get free grog?
MadDog I suppose....
zen even better again
MadDog yaay!

zen To protect the world from devastation; To unite all people within our nation. TEAM ROCKET!
MadDog Jesse... James... Blasting off at the speed of light!
zen yay :)

zen bwahaha YAAY!!!!

MadDog do you remember a psychadelic 70s kids show called the Great Space Coaster?
zen sounds fimiliar
MadDog it was rainow colours mixed with that 70s show mixed with muppets...
zen hrmnm..nah i don't think i remember it
MadDog heheh.. you dont know what you missed!!

MadDog I like peaches.... mmm.. juicy... and nectarines.. they can also have some kind of juuicy consistency to them...
zen oeerr
MadDog whats your favorite fruit?
zen granny smith apples
MadDog ahhh.. yes.. the granny smith... tis truly the greatest of the apple variety... the scent alone is enough to drive one into bizzare fits of yummysmelliness... I use an apple blossom Fluffy fabric softnet refil pack as an air freshner...

MadDog ahh.... have you ever had a strange experience with dairy products?
zen yes on the weekend...had off milk with my coco pops... it wasn't pretty
MadDog no.. I would imagine not... Mine smoopie hast had the same experience, but for the fact it were corn flakes, not the pops of to which you relate... yet she did not notice the milk was not as pure as it once was, until she attempted a coffee....
zen i noticed as soon as i got the spoon near my face
MadDog tis truly a bizzre experience... and one I hope not to experience any time soon...

MadDog I'm in a really fucked mood tonite... heheh
zen drunk?
MadDog surprisingly not... heheh.. Im feeling very... brittish... and foppish...
zen british?
MadDog Yes... brittish as the proverbial brittish person...

MadDog I need a sandwich...
zen we all need a sandwich...if the world had a sandwhich
MadDog look to the sandwich kylie....
zen the mighty sandwhich...with cheese!

MadDog hahahha... Im watching that new "Family Law" show, and some old guy called some other guy "Mr. Floppy Schlong"... HAHAHHA.. Classic...
zen bwahaha
MadDog I dare you to call Scotty Mr Floppy Schlong...
zen no ...i double dare YOU to call him Mr Floppy Schlong
MadDog I already have.. thats why I'm daring you... it'll freak him out... and then i was hoping for it to freak you out too, but since one half of that has backfired now, you've gotta go ahead with it now...
zen nope ;)
MadDog gah... fine...

MadDog bbq shapes rock
zen that they do they roll too :)
MadDog mmm.... *licks red stuff out of the bottom of the bag*
zen yay red stuff on the bottom of the bag :)
MadDog it also rocks
zen that it does
MadDog im hungry..
zen me too i've got a strange craving for bbq shapes
MadDog hhahah ... I might have a zooper dooper...

MadDog Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po, Teletubbies, teletubbies say 'Hello'. 'Eh-oh!'
zen eek stop stop right now

zen i want fembot on my resume
MadDog sorry.. you dont have the machine gun jubblies....
zen how do you know?
MadDog If anyone would know, it would be me.... say no more... *nudge nudge*
zen so not going to ask ;)
MadDog heheh...
MadDog just remember to draw your bedroom curtains in the future.. heheh
zen *laugh* i'll tell grace ;)
MadDog Fine... go ahead.. see if I care..... .. ..... ...... ............ PLEASE DONT!!!

MadDog THE WORLD IS FALLING APART WITHOUT YOUUUU!!! Narr... s'okay I guess... :o)

MadDog ahh.. okay then... I'm writing a kick-ass screen play with nick.. :o)
zen heh why am i not suprised
MadDog heheh... it rocks.. Its going on my page as a crazy conversation for sure.. :o)

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