Everything Zen

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MadDog i wish I had 80's rock star hair...
zen don't we all ;)
MadDog geez I can be a prick sometimes...

zen what you think about what claudio said about closing down the chat?
MadDog I was strangely unmoved... in such an event i'd probably start my own chat... :o) yes... I shall start a new world.. a utopia where people can meet and be jolly!
zen yeah.. and you would be the only moderator hee hee :) the mighty MadDog...he's cooomming :)
MadDog nar.. you can be one too... only cool people can be mods...
zen oh yay! heh :)
MadDog it can be called "Mikey's cool chat with cool mods!"
zen ..and there was much rejoicing :)
MadDog yaay!

zen he had a penguin waddle :)
MadDog *penguin noise* MRAAH!!

MadDog if you were a block of chocolate, what would you be?
zen a kinder suprise full of suprises and fun to play with :)

zen I've been working on my acceptance speech, just in case. Check it: "Wow. I am like, so thrilled. I totally did not expect to win. First, I'd like to thank God. Second, I'd like to thank the Academy for letting me wear this thong on stage. And a shout to the Devil, who heads the Academy in disguise. It's been a rough journey, but dagnabbit, I did it for the kids, ya know? Yeah, rags to riches, bags to bitches, smack dat mad booty, HOO HAW!!! Who's the King of the World now, huh? Who's the King?! But seriously folks, regardless of what the U.N. has accused me of, I'm a force for good. Just say no to schwag-- hold out for the good stuff. Hee hee, just kidding. Stay off the brain drain, y'all. Peace and Rapture."

MadDog huzzah!!! azim!!
zen *laugh*
zen dead?
MadDog alive!

zen mikey :)
MadDog ZENNY!!!! Im on da net...
zen yay :) you lonely? i brought fudge hair colour :)
MadDog what colour? bloo?
zen blue black :)
MadDog woweee!!!!
zen *grins* *waves hands enthusiastically*
MadDog and there was much hair colouring!

zen oooerrr
MadDog yeah.. shiney even...
zen ooerr shiney *does shiney hand movement*
MadDog thats it...
zen had a feeling

zen dioidjonsweoeoifeoing like
MadDog say whaaaht?
zen did i stutter?

zen whats on your plate next week?
MadDog fooood... HAHAAH!! that joke just keeps getting funnier..
zen *laugh*
zen now..this is my serious face ...

zen *poke*
MadDog *poke back* ooh.. spongey...

MadDog yaay sophie!
zen sophie?
MadDog listning to bardot album... sophie bit... nuff said...
zen :)

zen i have speakers ;)
MadDog I have genitals...
zen how nice for you, you must be so proud
MadDog I am.... you should hear the little song I wrote for them....

zen how do you spell the opening of a can of drink? *click pop spluuussh* ?
MadDog hmm.. I'd say "CLCHHK.. pfffffttssssss!"
zen yeah thats more like it ;)
MadDog yeah... I rock at sound effects...
zen oh ok.. *wonders if she can stump you* how about.. the sound of the can coming out of the machine!
MadDog *rumble* *kldunk-chunk* *roll*
zen you are good ;)
MadDog :oD
zen yay the mighty maddog of sound
MadDog :O)

MadDog Black beans and pajamas keep all the donkeys in key. Eat shrimp with cereal for super goodness fruit flavors.
zen ok *takes note* thanks

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