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zen can we make the photos link to there spots? :)
MadDog hrrmm.. yeah...
zen yay the mighty mikey :)
MadDog thar she blows with linky goodness...
zen oh that is unreal
MadDog :oD

zen whats five words that best describe me
MadDog gah.. i dunno... something about icing sugar...

zen send me a message
MadDog NO! Bet you didnt know I'd say that, eh?
zen nope didn't see that one coming at all ;)

zen i'm having lunch with scottie today..
MadDog I bet you are... *nudge nudge wink wink*
zen *laugh* yep.. i'm going for a bit of a bonk.. i mean .. argh.. a sandwhich..

zen reakon i should change my handle to 'tapioca'
MadDog cocoa-tapioca sounds good...
zen yeah..
MadDog and you can have a giant dancing japanese robot as a picture!
zen yeah!
MadDog and I'll change my name to ulala and I'll run around going chu chu chu!
zen and space micheal jackson can follow you around!

MadDog here comes the innernet again.. falling on my head like a memory, falling on my heart like a true emotion... e etc..

zen coo coo ca choo
MadDog I am the walrus..
zen I am the egg man!
MadDog hee! *POP!*
zen whoo hoo!

zen what you doing for lunch today?
MadDog Why? ( I was gunna say "Having lunch with youu :o)" but then I thought that if I said that, then you might say "Nah I'm having lunch with someone else" and that would make me sad and would generally throw my world into a perpetual state of chaos...)
zen i plan on having lunch with you..
MadDog huzzah!! My world is stable once again.....

zen *zenny does the angry beavers dance*
MadDog oh... are you an angry beaver?
zen *checks teeth.. looks for tail* nope
MadDog ahh.. good old humanity...
zen yup i'm an angry zen.. thats allowed
MadDog dont be angry.. be full of jelly beans and moon pies...
zen nope wanna be angry today
MadDog nooo.. dont make me start singing showtunes again....
zen you know what the angry beavesr do when they get really really angry.. they have a thumb wrestle.
MadDog yeah... I'd thumb wrestle with ya, but I know I'd lose... or cheat...
zen theyre cool..
MadDog but theyre not really that angry... ones pretty angry... and the other ones just stupid...

MadDog I dreamed a weird one last night but I forgot most of it. I just remember steering a pirate ship around and I crashed it and I had to beg the pirate who owned the ship for my life... weird...

zen hey how can i change it so my ip says zenny.org .. for like when i post on the posting board?
MadDog you asked me that question before.. :o) and I said "Ask Braden"
zen ah ok :)
MadDog :oD
zen thanks anyway :)
MadDog youre quite welcome...
zen :)
zen bradens answer to my question 'magical berries' very helpful hee hee

zen Do You Have The Yen To Be a A Millionaire? I yen! i yen!.. do you yen?
MadDog I have the Yen... oh yes... I... have the Yen...

zen we have shiney plants again..
MadDog Ohh.. I must bask in the shiney foliage..

MadDog Perl wisdom "If you fork without ever waiting on your children, you will accumulate zombies. " from the perl manual pages :)
zen oh i'm keeping that one ;)

zen we going to see shanghi noon tommorrow night?
MadDog yes! lets! and we can have lashings and lashings of tuck!
zen haha.. and do karate moves at work for the rest of the week.. well more than me normally do ;)
MadDog yeah!!

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