Everything Zen

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zen share ya tang dammit!!!
MadDog MY TANG!!!

zen you got camera?
MadDog nup
zen we coulda had video conference thingy
MadDog yeah... we still can... but I'll just be voice...
zen but that not fair..you can see me but me not see you
MadDog yep... so i could be nude for all you know...
zen ..waaaaaay to much information... ooeerr...i could be nude now...
MadDog so could I!!!! oooh...
zen .....ahhhhh... lets stop that conversation *lol*
MadDog yes lets....

zen i think i sprained my pinky finger.. who woulda thought..being a nerd was such a dangerous past time
MadDog read about it in your Occupational geek health and safety handbook....
zen sigh....some of the letters re just gunn hve to miss out
MadDog like 'a' perhps?
zen hehee...how'd you guess 8grins8
MadDog and the shift key too I guess...
zen 8grins8..good guess hehhee

zen hahahaha

MadDog mmm.. pizza...
zen yeah...yummy pizza
MadDog *sniff*
MadDog well.. well.. I got cola...
zen ooerr...i got coke..
MadDog well nyah...
zen :)
MadDog youre evil...
zen thanks i do my best
MadDog evil scary unimedia friend...
zen hehe...awww shucks thatnks

MadDog yeah.. I did a ranking report for acupuncture and it didnt come up in the top 50 on any of the searchengines... dammit.
zen sucky.... we are gunna have to do something about that..
MadDog lets kill the president!
zen yes yes.. that would definatly help...ok i'll get a team together...and you get the weapons..no no..perhaps just us to would work better...quickly in ..shoot him in the head and out again..real hush hush might work better :)
MadDog or maybe I'll just give him a megawedgie....
zen yeah...i like that even better
MadDog cool
zen wedge it is.. :)
MadDog yes... or I'll sick my pet hippo onto them...
zen and my panda
MadDog nah.... panda's are a bit too scary...
zen nah this panda is good...scary at the right moments...but also good for childrens rides :)
MadDog Does it come with a T-14 refractor energy source?
zen yup...2
MadDog wow.. twin materia engines.. wow...
zen yeah...the up grade :)
MadDog well done... I commend you on your choice of propulsion methods..
zen :)...thanks..
MadDog thats okay... Hey! I'm nude.... Heheh.. tricked ya.. no I'm not...

MadDog Mrs Moopy
zen heh...hullo little mikey :)
MadDog Leeeeeetle koily....
zen heh heh :)

MadDog bdrromp doomp doomp ZEN!
zen MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
MadDog super mikey to you!
zen bah...little mikey to me :)
MadDog nah... leeeeetle moikey..

MadDog IVE GOT ZOMBIES IN MY PANTS!!!! ... and I kinda like it!
zen do i even want to know?

MadDog heheheh :o) Ive been to movie world... Ive been to movie world... Yes Iiiiive been to moooovieeee wooooorld.. Ive been to movie world!!! na na na na na na na.... Baaaaa!
zen hahaah..nome one of the most annoying adds at the cinema *grins*
MadDog yeah... and I saw bat girl!

zen *smiles* /me does a smaggin huge dance around the room..

zen ok :) enjoying your holidays?
MadDog yaay! Im semi-naked eating hot-dogs... does it even get any better than this???

MadDog I can turn you into Final Fantasy Queen!
zen yeeeeaaah :) i'll be a rare playstation chick :)
MadDog yeah... and we can make you a badge that says "Rare Playstation Chick"
zen with in brackets (Taught by : Master Mikey)
MadDog with a litlle picture of me giving the thumbs up...

MadDog Go to bed, sausage!
zen you read my mind..i was just thinking that..well except for the sausage part.. im heading there now
MadDog well go then.. see you tomorrow... and you think about that sausage part... have a long hard serious think....

zen groovy big badda boom
MadDog hehe
zen i'm not very talkative tonight sorry i'm a bit sad
MadDog Oh... Thats okay... You got in a "big badda boom" and that was all I was really expecting... I hope you feel happier soon. Luv Mikey :o)

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