Everything Zen

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zen argh! smegin dinky di!
MadDog smeg it all to smeg!!!

zen we might have to wait till 1.. depending on wether fletch will hodl the fort or not
MadDog I hodled the fort once... I couldnt walk straight for weeks...
zen *laugh*
MadDog will he hodl the fort for us?
zen jayrd: "I will hold fort"
MadDog ahh.. but will he hodl it?
zen yeah that too

zen hey what you doin?
MadDog i'll give ya one guess..
zen everlast
MadDog give the girl a cupie doll... Ive always wanted a cupie doll..
zen whats a cupie doll?
MadDog I dont know.. thats why I always wanted one..

MadDog apparently Tofu shrinks yer brain.. good thing I'm not a hippy...
zen *laugh* whered you hear that one?
MadDog its true!! umm.. cant remember...

MadDog Duct tape is like the force; it has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

zen do you need a hand with anything today?
MadDog ... well my lawn needs a mow....
zen hee hee.. pay me and i'll do it :) oh and you have to be the one to convince silvy and kate that its work related :)
MadDog bugger that...

zen *laugh* baby.. hee hee

zen hey she just rolled her mums car 6 times.. gee news travels fast ;)
MadDog is she dead?
zen thats what i said...

zen which html tag best describes you?
MadDog hmm.. it would have to be

MadDog My ambition is to someday be able to use this line: "Brownie points? I ain't no little girl going door-to-door selling cookies. I'm a grown man - who occasionally goes door-to-door selling cookies."

zen mikey oh mikey he's mr magical mikey the most magical mikey of them all thats my new song.. what you think?

zen swim little fishy, swim if you can, and they swam and they swam all over the damn
MadDog shoop shoop diddum daddum woddum BOOP!
zen yaya!

MadDog we are a team of dancers..
zen *proceeds to dance*

zen iadhjfgkjzxhkfljhs kadfjngkadjfg adkfngjad
MadDog I had that once... comes up as a nasty rash.. took weeks to get rid of it..

zen my sound doesn't come out of my puter.. and i don't know why :(
MadDog have you flassed your lights at it?
zen yeah.. several times.. i even used a pencil
MadDog *gasp*

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