Everything Zen

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zen can i request a song :)
MadDog request away... your chances of having it played are proportional to the dificulty level of me findidng it...
zen extreme?

MadDog hi kylie... Im bridging the geographical gap with the technology of the internet!!
zen hahaha yup all to say 'ok'
MadDog ok
zen ok
MadDog whats the weather like over there?
zen dusty
MadDog ahh.. its kinda slurpy over here...
zen slurpy sucks
MadDog yeah... not as good as crunchy...
zen nowhere near crunchy
MadDog too bad..

zen *poke*
MadDog *wiggle*
zen *poke squish*
MadDog ow
zen woop woop woooop wop
MadDog ducks.. heheh

zen whats your favourite super hero? and why?
MadDog hmmm... I dont really have a favorite... but... I'd say the Tick is pretty cool...
MadDog he is funny
zen my friend carls response: "Wonder Women, cause its the only super hero with tits.."
MadDog heheh... but its not true!
MadDog wonderwoman cause she looks like courtney cox..
zen i know..he's un edumicated

MadDog I love that sausage dog.. he should be our mascot...
zen YAY!
MadDog he makes me smile!
zen yeah...its a super little dog.. he would be a good mascot...we could make him wear a littlle dogy jacket with mcmedia written on it
MadDog yea!!! he can fight crime in the name of McMedia!
zen yeah he will be Super Dog and we can teach him to say "i love mcmedia" in a little dogy voice
MadDog and we can put him on the dishes roster too!
zen yeah, and he wouldn't mind doing the dishes.. and he'd be the kinda dog that when he barks he goes "yip yip yip" not "bark bark bark"
MadDog but not an annoying yip yip yip... a cute yip yip yip.. i reckon...
zen yeah a cute yip yip yip...the kind of cute..that when ppl hear him, they'll go..."awww...isn't he cute"
MadDog yeah... and they'd grab his cheeks and go cootchie cootchie coo
zen yeah...then he'd go save someone from a fire...
MadDog yeah... we should call him ... Zippy...
zen and everyone would go .."YAY!! its Zippy the Super McMedia Dog...we love you zippy"
MadDog and he would say "I love McMedia", in the way that we love so much
zen yeah.... *smiles* and do a little doggy back flip
MadDog yaay! YIP!
zen ZIP!
MadDog HUZZAH! The end..

MadDog my god those are some huge ass sunglasses...
zen i know.. do you think he realises?
MadDog not a chance
zen that is sad..he could actually be thinking.. 'this is cool..i have big ass sunglasses... i'm sheilded from the bright sun rays"
MadDog you reaslise I cant put this on my homepage now.. dammit...
zen you could censor it from 'him' to ...um....'her'?

MadDog down.. boogie on down
zen yeah.. groove tonight..
MadDog hey.. its allright...
zen :)
MadDog :D

zen he takes everything so seriously
MadDog yeah.. I should poke him and see what he does...
zen haha
zen just becareful he doesn't take the nerdy reason behind poke ;)

MadDog Dont you give me Coke, Dont you give me Sprite, Dont give me no bottles of Pepsi... If you want me to do anything for you Dont forget that I prefer VB...
zen bwahaha

MadDog I have 10 llamas made of cheddar cheese
zen thats great send me another

MadDog Are you interested in making $$$$ fast? Here's an incredibly simple way to do it, and there is nothing to buy, no investment to make, no money to lose! Try it now! Follow this simple procedure: 1) Hold down the shift key. 2) Hit the 4 key four times fast.

zen i can't figure out...
MadDog yeah!!!! whassup wit dat funky notion homie...
zen hee hee

zen what you doin for lunch?
MadDog dunno.. I know I gotta go shopping around for a filing cabinet though...
zen joy
MadDog wanna come? it'll be ace fun.. top pucka!
zen ok..but only cos you used the word pucka
MadDog yaay!

MadDog bleem on!
zen Bleem ya head off!
MadDog get bleemed!

zen yes..and now i dont' know what the smeg i'm ment to do
MadDog go freedom fighter!!!
zen just pisses me off.. just say no
MadDog Start a new campaign... "Remember kids, SAY NO TO NAN!""

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