Everything Zen

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Kylie grooovy, thanks mt magical mikey..
MadDog i am magical.... watch my fancy hands.... HEY HA HO HEY HA! KAZAM!! Impressive, no?
Kylie much fancy i noticed i typed mt magical mikey instead of mr magical mikey, but all the same i think you'd make a wonderful mountain
MadDog Heres a quick impression.. *puts arms over head in mountain mode*
Kylie oh very impressive ;)
MadDog Thankyou ma'am

Kylie "mah!!!" penguin! :)
MadDog heheh yaay! mah!

MadDog *resisting temptation to eat all the salt which has settled to the bottom of the pretzel bag*
Kylie oooooh thats so hard not to do... if you succeed you have the mightiest will power of them all
MadDog no.. i decided my heart would thank me for it later...
Kylie i ate the remianing crumbs and salt from the savoy packet last night
MadDog oooh.. salty...
Kylie mmm yummy

Kylie hee hee i am so good, i am so good
MadDog heres your 'good' hat...
Kylie *puts on good hat*
MadDog *points* ahh! i see you are good!
Kylie I see you are also good, you are wearing your good tie!
MadDog yes! the one with the happiness!
Kylie ooerrr extra special happiness.. ok we can stop now ;)

Kylie hee heee heee. *swooosh* giant can of soup *swoooosh*

Kylie hey do you reakon Purdeys Hourglass Jewellers got the name Purdeys from a yokal say "loook ma at ther puuurdey rock"
Kylie or something of the like ;)
MadDog its quite possible and most probable....
Kylie thought so

kyliem i can tell your really not happy about this whole icq thing
MadDog Oh.. but I'm so thrilled.. it allows us to be more professional... because everyone knows that professionalism can be identified by an initial at the end of your name...

kyliem i'm so tired.. i had a dream last night.. and just don't feel like a slept eheh
MadDog heheh.. wuz it a good dream?
kyliem yeah.. was weird.. but good :)
MadDog ooooh.. *wink wink*
kyliem *laugh* don't wink at me ;)

MadDog this spring nats site is not making me the happiest of people...
kyliem my job right this very minute isn't making me the happiest of ppl
MadDog lets be grumpy together!!!
kyliem yay!

kyliem bah.. got to hate trying to erase a spot on a pic..and its on the smeggin screen not the pic..
MadDog HAHAH!!
kyliem ah shut up ;)

MadDog oh.. hehehehe... u like buttons?
kyliem i love buttons :)
MadDog yes.... ... yes....... *ahem... * er... yes?

kyliem /me stops train with super human strength like the time she flipped that 'pto' car over just for a chuckle
MadDog nup... no ya didint...
kyliem yeah i did ;)
MadDog nup...
kyliem yep

MadDog is that scotty on the fone?
kyliem no he's not on the fone .. he's on The Thing That Does What Ring (TM)

kyliem *bang bang bang*
MadDog what are you banging at?
kyliem thats the sound of my head hitting the desk lots..

MadDog mikey magic... mikey magic... mikey magic... mikey magic... mikey magic... mikey magic... mikey magic... ooohhh...
kyliem dance magic dance
MadDog *pulls his arm off and swings it around*
kyliem whoo hoo..

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