Everything Zen

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zen brian is here..
MadDog really?
zen yes
MadDog WOW!
zen oh shut up

zen another song with la's in it roxette - the look
MadDog no.. theyre na's... "and she goes na na na na na na na na.. etc
zen there is some little la's, not many, but a few.. mainly nana nana.. but a few la's

MadDog today seems to be one of them days.. having 24 hours and all..
zen yeah

MadDog well thats just plain sad...
zen yeah but i have cake :)
MadDog can I have some?
zen /me gives cake to mikey

zen morning mikey i have fog-a-fobia! yay!
MadDog I gots my fogwalkin boots on.. they call me luke fogwalker...
zen *laugh*
zen they do it everytime
MadDog the couragous battle ended with the victory of ... zenny!

MadDog tim just gave me his jade fertility idol!
zen oh the honour tim must really really like you

zen she thows her head back as she screams! she don't even want to be the queen!
MadDog ayyy?
zen its a song.. :)
MadDog thought so... mary had a little lamb.. see? I also can sing...
zen yay we should start a band.. oh hang on.. your in one already.. oh well
MadDog you can join mine!
zen yay! *waves hands enthusiatically*

MadDog hey.. is erica 'super sexy'? she told me to ask you...
zen yeah shes pretty spunky :)
MadDog but is she 'super sexy'?
zen i think everyone's sexy :)
MadDog oki.. thankyou for your time and patience during this ordeal...

zen word for today: mufti!!
MadDog MUFTI!!!

MadDog Ive brought you your orange sherrrbeeerrt..
zen thanks

zen hey what you got on your plate at the moment?
MadDog spag bol...
zen ooerrr imagines a web page with a spag bol theme hee hee
MadDog who said anything about a web page.. I'm having breakfast. :o) come to think of it.. that would be a cool website...

MadDog whut whuz thut sung culled aguin?
zen "I love you but" by friendly
MadDog Wow.. I love my butt too...

MadDog I cleaned my house from top to buttocks on the weekend.. caught another mousey near the dishes... mass cleaning frenzies ensued...
zen you live by yourself?
MadDog we both did cleaning... gracie caught the mousey...
zen sorry.. got confused for a second there.. gracie caught the mouse.. thats impressive
MadDog yeah... in her teeth.. you should have seen it!!! It went flying across the room and... ... I cant back this up... it got caught in a trap on the bench...

MadDog it rocks my werld..
zen i like how you say werld
MadDog me too

MadDog youre a head poker...
zen *pokes head*

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