Everything Zen

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zen she put the lime in the coconut!
MadDog i hope she didnt mix em both together!
zen yup then she called him in the morning..

zen chinese dragons are cool, they like have this major supiriority over all other dragons, well except for the sean connery dragon in 'dragon heart' but its the sexy voice that does it in that..
MadDog yeah.. he kicks chinese dragons asses... and so does god...
zen yeah true.. but thats to be expected, i mean its god!
MadDog yeah.... well at least his hand....
zen yeah its just is hand.. imagine if he used the rest of him ;)
MadDog yeah... hey what are you doing in my room!
zen i'm not in your room ;)
MadDog but you was when I typed that!!
zen suuuuure ;)
MadDog but... but....
zen you twas imaginaing it
MadDog *sniff* Im not going mad.. nooo....
zen /me gives mikey a tissue

zen lunch today ?
MadDog maybe.... i'm seeing if I can go with mum, if not then yaay!
zen oh mummys boy hey
MadDog i luv mum..
zen yeah your mums cool
MadDog she's irish
zen yes she is

MadDog As soon as I wake up... every night... every day... I know that its you I need to take my blues away...
zen awww shucks
MadDog *removes small socks from one's ears*
zen *hands you a spoon*
MadDog thankyou
zen any time

zen hee hee "zen dreams of opening her own movie cinema. I hope with all my heart that she reaches this dream some day." you just wanna scam free movies :)
MadDog yeah.... for me and all my friends... and then we'll throw jaffas at the screen and shake up cans of coke and open them, rolling them down the isles... and you cant do anything about us, because I wrote such nice things about you on my friends page! AHA!!!
zen bwahhaa... i can take a polariod of you and stick it up in the ticket booth, with the words underneath it "do don'tgive tickets to this man"
MadDog I'll wear a latex Bert Newton mask...
zen damn.. foiled again
MadDog aha!
zen damn you *shakes fist in menicing fashion* i'll get you next time gad..er... mikey!

MadDog is there milk yet?
zen no idea..
MadDog hrrmmm... okay.. keep me posted
zen will do..
MadDog over
zen *csshh* (gotta make the cssshh noise afterwards, or it doens't come accross as real)
MadDog oh shit.. sorry... over *cshh*

zen we have milk! :)
zen i'm nuking mine now :)
MadDog I'm gonna have it cold like that cool guy on the ad!
zen yeah i wanted to, but i changed my mind
zen i'm made of milo
MadDog *CLINK!*

zen now.. when you say huge brains.. do you mean listerally..HUGE brains?

MadDog ahh... I see you have a machine that goes PING!
zen somthing to that effect yeah

MadDog yaay foos ball!
zen food ball? go little red man go!
MadDog no.. foos ball...
zen whoops food ball, now theres a concept waiting to happen

MadDog thankye ma'am.. I tip m' hat t' ye...

MadDog "WOO HOO!!! GST - IN YO FACE! CRAFT CREATIONS, YOU ARE NOW MY BITCH! HA HAAAAA!" *does the happy dance* "Doin' da happy dance... Doin' da happy dance... "

zen name ya favourite movie, and the most popular movie you can think of..
MadDog nightmare on elm street and ... umm... ET....
zen yay and one more.. name one popular now :)
MadDog Umm.. Gladiator
zen thanks :)
MadDog y 4 art thou?
zen ahhh *taps side of nose*
MadDog nah.. really...
zen *taps side of nose again*

zen go see gone in 60 seconds, its really good
MadDog ah... so it lasted longer than 60 seconds?
zen yeah it lasted for like 2 hours
zen what a rip off...

zen you watch dawsons?
MadDog yeah.. poor pacey.. and poor dawson.. and poor joey... poor everyone..

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