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zen so.. *says very casually and suttley puts it into the conversation*.. hows the new planetmaddog coming along?
Mikey very well thankyou.. :)
zen whats the eta? :)
Mikey dont ask that question... :)
zen bah!

zen oh and i read your page last night, that my pants stuff is hilerious..
Mikey i loved it.. it made me shoot tang out of my nose...

zen my brain hurts.. i'm trying to think of sites i visit regularly.. and know that i'm purposfully trying to think of them and not jsut visiting them i can't think of them all
Mikey hhehehe... get up.. walk around then suddenly go "HEY! I FEEL LIKE VISITING SOME WEBSITES BECAUSE I WANT TO VISIT THEM!" and then you'll think of them..
zen good plan!

zen what are .wps files?

Mikey oooh.. we should catch up and go WHIZZZ!!! and stuff
zen haha yeah definatly..

zen i have no room on my computer :(
Mikey sad...
zen sad..
Mikey yeah... :(
zen *slumps sholders and abegins to wimper*.. *pause* ok i'm over it.. *jumps up and down lots*

zen teehehe i just asked brian if he was bust-a-groovin this evening.. hehe.. its much easier to spell that capo..er.. whatever..

zen hahaha.. you saw spiderman last night?
Mikey YUP! luved it
zen i'm yet to see it.. gunna see it on the weekend i think :)
Mikey see it... luv it... embrace it... woooo

zen i played big huge version of dance dance revolution thing at crown on wednesday night :)
Mikey HHAHAHAH.. did you suck?
zen yeah i did.. so did fi.. we both sucked.. but we have decided we want to get really good at it.. oh and next time we try.. no heals.. hehe
Mikey hehehe...
zen i wanna be as good as the asain girls that were before us :)
Mikey heheh dream on... they have DDR in their DNA
zen i don't care.. I VOW TO BE BLODDY GOOD AT DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! *ahem*.. heh
Mikey good luck to ya
zen its gunna cost me a fortune though.. so it might take a while just yet ;)
Mikey get one of the mats for the PSX...
zen hhehe that would be groovy :)

Mikey see theyre making a sequal to crouching tiger hidden dragon...? its called: floating muffin secret crumpet or somthing...
zen bwahhahhahaa..
Mikey heheh nar.. wait.. i'll look it up... Its a prequel called Precious Sword, Golden Hairpin
zen oooerrr
Mikey heheh I like mine better...
zen yeah me too... we should make it.. though we would probably eat into our profits ;).. all those crumpets

zen hey mikey.. this is a message coming from the past.. woooo *does spooky noise and motions*..

zen wanna here my overview for my new life plan?
Mikey indeed i do!
zen ok here it is.. 1. do shit loads of crew, theatre, etc work.. get as much experience as i can.. 2. learn french.. really really well.. 3. get job at cirque du soilel *smiles*
Mikey HAHAH... well all the best with your new plan.. may it come to fruition and may your french accent be swanky as well as infalible...
zen thanks.. oh and i'll do web design in there too :)
Mikey circus related web design?

zen did you know that when my baby.. well.. when my my baby smiles at me I go to Rio..
Mikey I dont... I just go for a drive in my new Kia Rio, for only $14,990 plus on road costs...
zen thats just super!

zen for occasions when i'm angry at the world, i've decided to invest in some of those photo stickers from those booths.. and get some pictures of me flipping the bird.. and then i can stick them places where applicable and required to make me feel better *smile* what you think?
Mikey what a great idea! I can do the same and have pics of my ass... and then stick them of peoples foreheads and then point at them and say "you sir are an asshead!"
zen yes! i think we have found a niche in the market!
zen a bird flipping and ass niche
Mikey hee!
zen i love it when you 'hee!' its like half a laugh, and then i picture you doing the other half in that kind of slient laugh way..
Mikey nup.. its just a mad maniacal HEE!
zen oh now see.. i like that even more :)
Mikey hee
Mikey i didnt even meen that one.. it was automatic.. .

zen oh it hurts to laugh :)
Mikey wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka WHAM!
zen noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! oh ok maybe it is ;)
Mikey yaay! now its time for swingin!

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