Everything Zen

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zen make me smile please
MadDog *zzzip*
zen heh thanks

MadDog I fucking burned myself with the soldering iron....
zen that can't be good you ok?
MadDog yeah.. but I've run out of zooper doopers to cool it down...
zen :(
MadDog I'll have to start using sausages :o)

MadDog bummer about being zen is that youre down the bottom of everyones icq list... :o)
zen well..there is that..but then i make up for it by being online.....alot *grins*

MadDog Apparently, you do the Hokey-Pokey... THEN you turn around. And to think I'd been doing it the wrong way around all these years.
zen ..then you put ya flap ya wings and do the chicken thing
MadDog Nah mate... I spread it with butter...
zen you couldn't have wish for anything better
zen thanks dad...i am looking after myself..
MadDog Bugger
zen footy
zen whoa
zen w-whoa

zen hullo
zen or something
zen random

MadDog are ALL of silvy's friends short?
zen apparently

MadDog *in little mikey voice* OW!
zen :) in little kylie voice "mew"

zen little fishy
zen (:

MadDog Why do you hate me? Dont hate me or I'll hate that you. she dont hate that you? nah why so that hate you for? Ignore you that hate she ?
zen bite me

MadDog boobies... *tee hee hee*
zen hehehe

MadDog su-ba-ru! Ha-ha-ha!
MadDog you-a-winna! ha-ha-ha
zen :)

MadDog I am typing on the internet
zen really....i don't believe you..cos i am..and surely only one person at a time can do that

MadDog Kylie

zen Your yummy yoghurt entrails make me want to get braden to wear my jacket all the time...
zen Looking at this tv guide with picture of luke perry on it makes me think really hard about 90210 and all the 46 episodes I have on tape at home hidden under my bed.

zen la
zen you've got piiiirrrtteee hair
zen *giggles*
zen hee hee hee
MadDog *wiggle!*
zen *giggles* tee hee hee

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