Everything Zen

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kyliem oh today isn't my day.. i can't even get the stupid ball to follow the line, and i followed the tutorial.. heh
MadDog ahh... the line... i hated that fscking line so much...

kyliem hey guess what.. i can live in the knowledge that i can cause little kids to bash each other up!! :)
MadDog how do you do that?
kyliem cos of cheryl i was driving htis morning, and pulled up at an intersection and to girls were waiting to cross the road.. they saw my car and one girl hit the other one "punch buggy", the other one hit her back as if to say.. "ow dont' hit me" and then i drove off, but looked in my review mirror and they were style punching each other as they crossed the road.. hee hee
MadDog eheheheheh.. punch buggy...

MadDog bummer about being zen is that youre down the bottom of everyones icq list... :o)
zen well..there is that..but then i make up for it by being online.....alot *grins*

MadDog Im nota soa bada... und Hunderte von Galerien, Luft mit einem shub zu zerleggen... hehe.. thats german.. i dont know what it means but its funny sounding....
zen *rofl*.....and where's you pull that from.....german must be in this month...the big thing at the mo is the german band Rammstien
MadDog actually I was typing it from the back cover of a playstation game.... heheh
zen *grins*...probably mean "we take no responsibilty in how close you sit to the tv when playing this game" *giggles*
MadDog heheh... or maybe "People who cant read german suck ass"
zen ..that would be much better *lol*

zen hey..just out of interest... whats with you and hatch..is it for real or what?? you can just say its none of my bussiness if you want
MadDog yeah... well he's just gone all Mr. ImSoTough all of a sudden, with the pierced eyebrow and bleached hair. Its gone straght to his head and he wont even listen to anyone... its pissing me off....
zen oh fair enough....its between you two...i won't but in. ..what about spagnum (or how ever you spell it)?
MadDog sphagnum... yeah.. well we'll cross that bridge when we get to it... if he can get it through his thick skull in time, then it shouldnt be a problem
zen oh ok..fair enough *smiles*..

zen *grins*..ok...heres a question..whats you fav type of scary movie... i prefer ppl trying to kill ppl...like scream and the friday the 13th films....and the shining or do you prefer ones with dolls that come to life an attack ppl
MadDog nooo... I like the ones that are reeeeeel.... but also the ones that are half fantasy, like freddy kruegar.... he's the coolest, because he was like an actual dude, but then they killed him and now he wants revenge.... jason's a bit weird... Michael meyers never really appealed to my much.... ooooh.. and werewolves are wicked!
zen i must addmit...i do like werewolfs.....they is cool....

zen wot the hell are you talking about?? (by the way this is fleaby)
MadDog oh.... in that case "GOOD LUCK MEGAMAN!"
zen wot the hell are you on??? I WANT SOME! *GRINS*
MadDog hehehe.... bzzzzzzz.... mmm.... I feel good.. nananananana I new that I would nananana

zen you all dead??
MadDog no... I'm very much alive... look... I'm bouncing... *bounce bounce bounce*

MadDog ..ello
MadDog ..follow me
zen ..ok.

zen ahem...excuse me...i think you have the wrong person...i don't have any purple cabbages
MadDog sure you do.. *looks behind zenny's left ear... * see? *holds the cabbage aloft*

MadDog Mew
zen inernet!
MadDog bob!
zen bob?
MadDog i dont know... just ... bob... i gues...

MadDog oh... that ba bada ba bada bapbup song is on...
zen which songs that?
MadDog cant remember.. its over now... now thyer doing the beep beep whooooo baby one...
zen ooooooooooooh...the beep beep song..i know exactally what you mean *lol*

MadDog what do you know?
zen that i'm tired and that ya just caught me cos i'm off ta bed *girns*
MadDog no... it goes like "what do you know" and you say "everything"... lets try again... What do you know?
zen everything
MadDog Everything, zen? Everything, zen? I dont think so... HAAAA HAAA HAAA!!!
zen oh hardy ha ha.. night......

MadDog greetings from sunny wright avenue!
zen hee hee...ya dag.... *zenny waves to MadDog from far away*

MadDog *sipping on nice cool glass of tang*

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