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zen we are giving a wedding present to glen and there is a card we have to sign..and i8'm trying to think of what to write
MadDog write... "Glenn.. you might as well just wrap up those genitals, cause you wont be using them for some time.... "

MadDog *wiggles thumbs in your face* Check it out... opposable thumbs! Cool eh?

MadDog phwoar!
zen bwahaha...i didn't see that coming at all
MadDog bwhahahaha
zen but i do agree *wink*
MadDog you really do know how to start a good rumour dont you...
zen yup ;)

MadDog that guy has no neck
zen *nods*
MadDog he cant nod, i bet... for that requires a neck...

MadDog hasnt that twit ever heard of a front desk?
zen apparently not i blieve he's one of those guys that enters in the back of buildings and asked incorect ppl stupid questions..
MadDog I wish I was one of those guys...
zen yeah...but you'd also be carrying an umbrella
MadDog and a semi-automatic hand gun
zen *nods enthusiastically*
MadDog mm.. jelly..
zen yes jelly...jolly jelly
MadDog rapberry
zen flubberberry
MadDog mmm...

MadDog I've invented a new form of dancing. I call it "Ass-Dance", and you do it while youre sitting in your seat. It makes you look cool and trendy while giving your buttocks a firm tone...

zen yeah mental
MadDog Look out Pakita!l
zen I kick arse for the Lord! *kung fu move*

MadDog hey... do you think she likes her x-files tshirt?
zen i think so...maybe...perhaps...well only a little..actually not at all..
MadDog she must have, like, 5 of them...
zen hehe,..yeah..one for like each day of the week..and on wednesday..she sits down and watches the show..then every other night watches re runs :)
MadDog I reckon her wardrobe would be like Inspector Gadgets, but instead of a shitload of trench coats, theres, like, 50 x-files tshirts...
zen bwahahaa

MadDog I feel like a newborn... all squidgy...
zen oh what a feelings :)

MadDog hehe.. Im a bit peeved.. me and braden have had a whole bunch of cool converstations lately, but I wont be able to use a lot of them cause theyre about her.. :o(
zen oh i see your point....sucky indeed...
MadDog you see my point?? Whoops.. *pulls up zipper* Phew.. sorry about that...

MadDog hehe.. I might have to add other people to my wacky conversations page....
zen ...if that happens i want to join in ....*geez*.... ;)

MadDog say Kylie, Brain surgery... drill goes through skull, fluid seeps out, put cork in hole... but patient doesnt come back to life? whats up with that?
zen ya have to put the fluid back in :)
MadDog gah.. what would you know...

zen *shields eyes*
MadDog okay you can look now...
zen *looks*..*phew* that was a close call

zen hahahahhaaa

MadDog how are you?
zen better than a stab in the back with an ice pick...
MadDog thats good... no wait... thats bad... hmmm... thats ambiguous...
zen word of the day 'ambiguous'

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