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BZZRRTT! *ping!*
Sorry for that ever-so-brief break in transmission. My server was being a right-royal pain in the left buttock, so it's been formatted and freshly reinstalled with the fresh minty goodness of Windows 2000 Professional. I'm generally not the hugest fan of Win2K, but it's a much better alterative for a workstation to Win 98SE, which is what I was using. IIS is also much easier to use than PWS. More updates to come... including the launch of a new toy!

Oooohh... could it be... what you think it is?

I think it might...
Posted by a very flummoxed MadDog on Monday November 13, 2000 at 7:27 PM - 0 comments

Gracie's Birthday Online
I know... Gracie's birthday was actually on the 3rd of January this year, but I've just been so slack in getting these pics online. Check them out in the Output section. As you can see by having a look at the Output section, I also have Xmas Day and New Year's Eve to add as well so I'd best get cracking. My deadline for this is before Xmas this year. I'd hate to be a whole year behind, so I think I'll get it all up to date before then.

There's also a few other things I have photos for that I need to add, such as St Patrick's Day, the Live concert I went to with Hatch as well as a bunch of whacked material to go in the Drunken Ramblings section.

Following this, I'd like to apply CSS styles to the site before giving Planet MadDog its first major redesign. Somewhere in there as well I've gotta get the zen Crazy Conversations online...
Posted by a very boastful MadDog on Thursday November 9, 2000 at 11:37 PM - 0 comments

Digital Camera Status
Sorry for that little disruption in intelligeble commentry. I got a little upset at my digital camera's distinct lack of switch-on-and-be-useful-ness. I don't really know if you're interested in what's happening with my digital camera, but this is my homepage and I'll talk about whatever I bloody well want.

Read the update
Posted by a very annoyed MadDog on Monday October 30, 2000 at 4:38 PM - 0 comments

Digital camera... not working... anger... rising... getting... visibly upset... must... control... rage...
Posted by a very pissed off MadDog on Friday October 27, 2000 at 9:19 AM - 1 comments

FragFest 2000 added to Output Section
Find out what happened when a bunch of us get together with our Voodoos and what-nots to do battle in Unreal Tournament. Visit the Output section or click here.
Posted by a very aggressive MadDog on Saturday October 7, 2000 at 3:40 PM - 0 comments

Got my digital camera back!
That's right. I finally got my digital camera back. What? You didn't know it was gone? Well then, you'd best read about my escapades concerning my camera in the Output section... or you can click this handy link.
Posted by a very slaphappy MadDog on Saturday October 7, 2000 at 2:22 PM - 0 comments

Quote du jour
My take on the video game censorship debate can be summed up in a single quote.
"If Mommy and Daddy are too stupid to understand 'M - MATURE' means don't buy it for a five-year old, how did they figure out how to 'insert Tab A into Slot B' to make the five-year old in the first place? ... Should such parents really be raising kids in the first place?"

- Scott Twining, SegaWeb, on the AAFP proposal to color-code ESRB labels.

Posted by a very empowered MadDog on Thursday September 28, 2000 at 3:42 PM - 1 comments

Fool's Gold
So Cathy Freeman won the Gold in the Women's 400m...

Big fat hairy deal...

Sorry, but I'm going to take what I know will be an unpopular standpoint on this issue and say "Enough with Cathy bloody Freeman, already...". Sure, she won a Gold Medal. Hoo-bloody-ray. But why has there been so much rejoycing over something that was bound to happen anyway? Everyone knew that Cathy was going to win, especially after her nemesis, Marie-Jose Perec, mysteriously dropped out of the Games. Fine. Go ahead and have a bit of a celebration. But just dont go overboard. There was never a celebration on this big a scale for any of the other equally-worthy Gold Medalists. What about Nathalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst's winning Gold in the Beach Volleyball? Or our women's Water Polo team? Grant Hackett? There wasn't even close to this amount of joy when Thorpy, Klim and Co. won Gold in the Men's 4x100m relay.

I'm not saying don't celebrate Cathy's win. Just celebrate our Medalists equally, Gold or otherwise. Dont just be impressed by a name you know. Be impressed by the achievements that these people have reached.
Posted by a very angsty MadDog on Tuesday September 26, 2000 at 11:07 PM - 0 comments

Ninja-Mart. For all your ninja needs.

I spent WAY too much time on this
We were watching the great Manga release, Ninja Scroll, the other day and as you would know if you've seen the film, they seem to go through an awfully insane amount of ninja throwing stars and one villain utilised a special type of ninja-thread-string-thing weapon which also doubled as a long distance communication device. This lead Hatch and I to wonder where the hell they got all of these devices. There would have to be some kind of Ninja-Mart where your friendly neighbourhood ninja could stop off on his way home from ninjing to pick up some daily supplies.

Clerk: "Hiya. Welcome to Ninja-Mart. What can I get ya?"
Ninja: "Oooh.. gee... lets see... I'll have a 50-pack of shurikens, umm... twenty - no, make that thirty metres of Ninja String, a loaf of bread, and a tub of 'I Cant Believe It's Not Ninja Butter'."
Posted by a very inquisitive MadDog on Thursday September 14, 2000 at 9:59 PM - 0 comments

Kiyote.. He da man...
Got an email yesterday with a bit of positive feedback from Kiyote, and he writes:

"G'day, tis Kiyote... Just like to say you have like a ripper of a website u gots yerself goin there....

Extremely funny, its like exhilirating....

It's like how they say life is like a circle, which is bullshit, its a square...

Goin in one direction, then turning and going in another direction
just like your site!

Keep up zee good work MikeyMan...

Kiyote the glorious blind website critic..."

Thanks buddy. May your toeses always smell like roses to your noses.
Posted by a very proud MadDog on Thursday September 14, 2000 at 3:32 PM - 0 comments

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