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How embarassment...

Every Sunday night, Gracie and I go around to Mum and Dad's for dinner, and last night Mum happened to have rented some videos. After dinner Mum suggested putting on a movie, Original Sin. I looked at the cover, thought "Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas, sounds like a bit of allright..." so we deided to stay and watch. What came next we were totally unprepared for.

Within the first half-hour there was a uber-graphic sex scene between the two stars complete with thrusting, asses, bouncing, pounding, pages 46 to 97 of the Karma Sutra... yeah... you get the picture. Now, I dont know about you, but watching sex scenes in front of my Mum doesn't really put me into the most comfortable of positions. It never has. Back when I was a little tacker, whenever a sex scene came on in a movie, Mum would say "Cover your eyes, little Mikey", so I did (occasionally peeking out between my fingers to see what I was missing out on), so there was never really any issue there. However last night just seemed weird. To make matters worse, she kept pointing at the screen and going "Now, you can't tell me that they're not actually doing it. They say that it's not real, but look, you can see his balls!". I went "Euurrghh... Mum, don't say balls..." and make a face like I'd just seen a hideous car wreck. Mum, obviously picking up on my uneasyness, would continue to say "Balls".

Overall, the movie was pretty good, and the sex scenes were probably actually pretty well done. I wouldn't know. I was trying too hard to think about playful kittens and calm blue oceans.

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New year - new site

Well not new persay, but it certainly looks different. I've already gone on about madSite, the new backend system behind Planet MadDog, so I wont repeat myself here other than to say that it rocks, and will rock even more so when version 1.0b is ready for distribution to beta testers soon. I've still got a couple of dozen "to do" checkboxes to tick off before that stage though, but I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready. I've been asked by many about how one goes about installing madSite, so I'll first say that it requires that you have some web hosting somewhere on a Microsoft server, that is to say Windows NT, 2000, XP or the like. Dave K's kindly offered to help me port the system to PHP so that it may be used on non-Microsoft servers, but that might be some time off. In the meantime though, I've found a place with cheap (free actually, but their lowest paying plan will make it easier in the long run) webhosting called Brinkster that supports ASP. I'll be working on making madSite compatible with this particular hosting provider, but it should also have no problems with any other ASP hosts. If you want to be informed when version 1.0b is ready, sign up now.

My Christmas was pretty good as far as Christmas goes. I got a bunch of neat stuff, but unlike previous years, I wont go into detail, describing and photographing everything I received, because, lets face it, nobody cares. I did take photos of the day however, which I'll upload to the gallery soon.

New Years was also a lot of fun. Ade, Braden and Annie came around for BBQ meats, drinks and board game festivities while we counted down the minutes. I copped a black eye from Ade in a bizzare Pictionary dispute. When the clock struck twelve, we all went "YEY!", mucked around in a shopping trolly, then travelled to the lake to see what other shindigs were happening. Finding the place deserted, we ran around on the skate park for a while and walked home. Fun and craziness was had by all.

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Welcome to Planet MadDog... again!
Yes, here it is folks. I won't write a great deal right now, as it's 2:50am on New Years Day, and I'm all partied out and quite sleepy. Enjoy the changes, and I'll elaborate more on what's going on a bit later. Cheers and happy new year to you and yours!
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Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Well the good news is that I'm this close (you can't see, but I'm making very small gestures with my hands right now) to getting the new Planet MadDog ready to go online on New Years Day, which was my goal. What does this mean for you folk? Well probably not a great deal. If you're a fan of my Crazy Conversations section, then you're in for a treat, as that has majorly been updated. If, however, you like to visit the many photo galleries I have on display, you will have to wait, as they've all been taken down until I figure out an easy way to update them. For you see, this is the reason it's taken me oh-so-long to get to this point, I have not just been making a new homepage, but rather a complete template-driven website building system for both experts and novices alike, and Planet MadDog will be my testing ground for new features. I call the system madSite and hope to have version 1.0 ready for beta testing soon. Check out for more information... which brings me to the bad news.

The weather has been insanely hot these past few days. This afternoon I emerged from a cold shower to a weird odor in the air, not unlike Christmas crackers being popped. Gracie and I searched the entire house to find the source of this smell, but no dice, so I decided to hop on to the PC to work on getting some more Crazy Conversations into the database. Long story short: the power supply in my computer has overheated to the point of popping and ceasing to function. Being Saturday evening, I won't be able to try and source a new power supply until Monday, taking two days out of my tight deadline to get Planet MadDog 2 going. My goal is still to get the site up on New Years Day, but at this stage it's not looking too good. I'm posting this on my dial-up server box which is quite weedy and lacks the files needed for me to continue updating. Fingers and toes are crossed.

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Sephiroth! Ba ba ba baba baaaa... SEPHIROTH!

I haven't done one of these in a while but this one was too cool not to share.

Calm and cool, you're not really an ANIME character, but what the're cool, so here you are. You are driven, have a purpose, and have problems with your family. You love your mommy (Jenova) and you hate your daddy (Hojo), but you will get even, RETURN TO THE PLANET! You have some MAD SKILLZ when it comes to combat, but you're kinda mixed up in the head... ReverseBlade!

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MadDog's Top 10 - Episode 4

It may look like I've been neglecting Planet MadDog of late, but in fact it's quite the opposite. My efforts have been concentrated on reaching my goal of having the all-new Planet MadDog up and online by the end of the year. In the mean time, here's an interim post to tide you over.


  1. Judy Jetson - She may be one of the hottest cartoon characters around, but say it with me: "SHE'S A CAR-TOOON". Sheesh.
  2. Sexy female cartoon animals - Furries, you sicken me. Nuff said.
  3. This guy - *shudder* I'm sure he's a lovely man, honest.
  4. Commodore 64 pr - Yep, computerised nudity was around long before the Internet.
  5. Cosplayers - "Look! She's dressed as Boob-Li from anime sensation Sexy Go-Go Vampire Tenticle-X!"
  6. Computer hardware - "Ooooooh, yeah. Now say something about Gigs."
  7. Used underwear - Even though the whole Japanese vending machine thing was probably an urabn myth, somebody still had to think of it.
  8. E3 booth babes - The fact that E3 uses booth babes to tempt impressionable nerds into viewing their products is bad enough without these sorts of websites.
  9. Feet - Foot fetishes? Nope, don't understand, sorry.
  10. ASCII - Umm, okay...
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Festivities ahoy!

Hey! First off, I'd like to thank you for your greetings and well wishes. Yes, apparently today is my 25th birthday, the day where people go "Quarter of a century, you see?" and I reply "Yes, I am amazed by your mathematical prowess". I guess I'm just at the stage where its only just another birthday and pressies and parties just aren't really necessary, however dont let that discourage you from giving me cool stuff.

Also, yesterday happened to be the one year anniversary for Gracie and my good self. To celebrate this momentous occasion I splashed out and got an executive suite at Crown Towers in Melbourne for the night. Our suite was on the 24th floor, so the view was pretty great. We dined at their many restaurants, watched Harry Potter at one of their many cinemas and laughed at their many gambling losers. We also spent some time at the Melbourne Aquarium and did a lap of the Chadstone Shopping Centre, both places I'd been meaning to visit for a while now. Generally a great weekend.

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Now now, my pretties. You'll all get a turn.

I had most of this news post typed up but then Holly Valance went and crashed my computer. *shakes fist at Holly Valance* I think its God's way of punishing me for listning to Holly Valance, so I hereby repent and endevour to belt it all out again.

Now that I've got a little bit of spare time to myself to chill out in front of the tube and get my game on, I've been confronted with deciding between a plethora of great games in muy position lately. Normally I like to focus on one game at a time, but lately I've found myself happily interchanging between three great games.

Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube)
I only bought this one two days ago, but already it has a very familiar comfort to it; the same comfort you get when you're just lazing about at home and you pull on your favorite jumper. It doesn't have the best graphics I've seen but it certainly has some very nice effects, especially the wicked water effects. Wicked in the way that I'm actually looking at the mug of coffee in my hand and thinking "Nice water effect, but its no Mario Sunshine". But technical wizardry isn't the reason I got this game. I was actually tossing up between this Star Fox Adventure, also on the GameCube, and although Star Fox is way better in terms of graphical beauty but I know that when it comes down to it, Mario's got the fun-per-dollar value just right.


Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
Square and Disney, together at last. This is one great game, mixing the characters from Final Fantasy and Disney into not an RPG but an action/adventure game with RPG element. Think Zelda64 with a level up/attributes system. It sounds odd, but it works well. Another thing that works well is the mix of Disney and Square. It freaks you out, but in a good way. For example, you start off in Wonderland, trying to save Alice, then you move on and meet Hades from Hercules, played excellently by James Woods, play with Pooh and Tigger, before going off to help Aladdin do battle against Jafar. It's quite a buzz. And they've spared little expense to get all (or most) of the orginal actors to do the voices (theyre all official in some way or another), and even getting some celebrities to voice the rest of the Squaresoft characters, including Haley Joel Osment, Billy Zane, David Boreanaz, Mandy Moore, and Lance Bass from *NSync to name but a few. The 3D camera has pissed me off a couple of times, but to be honest, most of the time, I'm having too much fun to notice.

Oh phooey!

Time Splitters 2 (Xbox)
Now I'll be the first person to say that I really don't like first person shooters on game consoles. The controllers can never live up to playing them with a mouse and keyboard. In fact the only FPS I enjoyed on a console was Goldeneye on the N64. That is, until now, and I think it may have something to do with the fact that Time Splitters 2 was created by ex-Rare employees that worked on both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. The controls are pretty familiar, the missions aren't too long (so I can just have a quick game in between the top two games), there isn't much of a plot to speak of (its good not to have to try and remember what I was up to in the storyline), and the graphics and animation are pretty good too. A great little package to fill in the gaps.

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Dream Weaver

I believe the original lyrics to the song were:

Dream weaver... I believe you're a flexible tool for creating dynamic HTML documents for the web.

But the record company made him change it. Man that Gary Wright was way before his time.

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I'm a mad updatin' fool!

Whats going on, I hear you ask? Four updates in one week? Has he gone out of his tiny human mind?

No, not yet. I just forgot to mention that I'm doing the Friday Five thing. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now actually. I'm not putting them in the front weblog thing, but they're accessable at the bottom of the About MadDog page for now, which is probably the best place to put them.

UPDATE: Well isn't that just bloody typical. As soon as I jump on a bandwagon, they go and close down the site. I don't know what happened to the Friday Five site, but it's not there now. If it comes back then I'll continue to update them, but for now I won't.

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