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There's just not enough room in My Pants to move around.
Just a thread I started on the OzChat Posting Board that's been tickling my ticklish bits lately. The jist of it goes:


Some day I hope to own a nightclub and call it "My Pants" so i can have the slogan:

There's a party in My Pants... and EVERYONE'S invited!

Kel: Thats actually a good idea.. and then people can say.. "I was in MadDog's pants last night.. and it was soooooo pumping" ;)

If someone dropped their drink you'd have to declare "there's been a spillage in My Pants".

And for the chalkboard outside:

"Drop into My Pants and have a drink."

sobriety&joe: "News at Eleven: Fire at My Pants. Popular night/day/really anytime club is still raging out of control. Firemen and cops reportedly still high from fumes of Mary Jane stashes burning inside. Owner MadDog has been trying to do his part by pissing on the blaze while drinking heavy doses of club soda. He askes any and all to come out and do their pissing best to put out the blaze."

I can see the headlines now...

"There's a fire in My Pants!"


"Sadness at the fall of My Pants"

Posted by a very amused MadDog on Wednesday May 29, 2002 at 5:27 PM - 0 comments

*runs around room with a broom handle*

VWWOM! VWOOM! Check me out! I'm Yoda!


Erm, yes. I just got back 10 minutes ago from watching Episode II. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I know enough to know that when youre talking about movies, it certainly is something special. Most 70's babies like myself can fondly remember seeing the Star Wars films as part of their childhoods, the same way they remember Knight Rider, the A-Team and The Transformers. The Star Wars saga is one of last centuries greatest institiutions. I've never played the RPG, or the card game. I used to have a couple of the action figures as a kid. I think I used to have a Star Wars drink flask too (or it might have been E.T. - I dont remember). I was curious to see how it would make its transition into the 21st century.

I think most would agree with me that Episode I was a bit of a let-down; a kids movie which served mostly to raise enough money through merchandising to fund the creation of the next film. Well my official opinion of the second (Second? Fifth? Whatever...) installment is "WOO HOO!". I'm so glad that George Lucas got some help on writing the screenplay for this film. It's no masterpiece, but it potentially could have been much worse. It has almost everything of what the fans have been wanting to see... and yes, the Yoda lightsabre battle IS as cool as its rumoured to be, the only problem is that it doesnt go for quite long enough. All that's left is for George and Co. to nicely wrap things up in the final film. Let's hope they can do justice to this film and its sequals with Episode III.
Posted by a very hyperactive MadDog on Thursday May 16, 2002 at 10:40 PM - 0 comments

Ross Noble
It was a few weeks ago now, but it was definately worth a mention, Kat, okay? :)

Gracie and I went down to Melbourne for the 2002 Melbourne International Comedy Festival to see Geordie comedian Ross Noble with my good friend Kat and her boyfriend Scott. I'd seen Ross on Rove a few weeks earlier and though he was absolutely hilarious and a definate must to see live.

Ross is one of those comedians where he just improvises the whole time, which makes it difficult to tell your mates the jokes the next day. I just wish I'd recorded the show. It would make it so much easier than going "... and then he made this noise which reminded him of the Hawaii 5-0 theme and some tumbling Chinese acrobats. Oh yeah, then he imitated a member of the waving family as he was hatching from a faberge egg! HAHA! Then he was talking about Bert Newton's freakishly large head!"

I also got to try some bizzare mock-meat at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. It was quite tasty, although some of the deep-fried foods were quite greasy. All in all it was a great night, and a great time was had by some.
Posted by a very lazy MadDog on Tuesday May 7, 2002 at 11:55 PM - 0 comments

Something that just occured to me...
What the hell is it with puppies and toilet paper? I know of at least 3 toilet paper brands that are currently using small puppies to promote their bog roll. I believe Kleenex is using the image of a labrador puppy, while Softex has Rolly, the puppy with lots of, erm... rolls. I'm sure there's at least one other brand that uses puppies in their ads.

Is there something about puppies that instinctively make us want to wipe our arses with a particular brand of TP? Maybe there's a small part inside of each one of us that secretly longs to wipe our arse with a small mammal. I don't know.
Posted by a very inquisitive MadDog on Wednesday April 24, 2002 at 9:35 PM - 0 comments

New Artwork

I had a pretty good time last night. No, I didn't get laid, but I did pull out the old Derwent sketching pencils and had a bit of a draw, which is something I haven't done in a while.

After seeing how Gabe from Penny Arcade felt inspired, nay, compelled to do a bit of TMNT art, I decided to scribble down the likeness of Leonardo. Note: I hate drawing feet and hands so that's why they either don't exist, or they look like marshmallow.

The other drawing was of a miscellaneous swordsman. It was going to be someone from Soul Calibur, but I got lazy when it came down to the recognisable features.

Some day when (if) I can be bothered, I may colour some of these in Photoshop, but don't hold your breath.
Posted by a very artistic MadDog on Wednesday April 10, 2002 at 6:05 PM - 0 comments

(That's french by the way)

Yep, its googie time again. We had easter at our place this year with a bunch of 26-odd mad Italian people joining us for a BBQ lunch and/or a sit-down dinner. Everything went swimmingly with all the cleaning and stuff all week paying off.

We even had a visit from the real Easter Bunny! (pictured right)

In other news, April Fools day sucks. I hate foolishly getting my hopes up over things that just aren't true.
Posted by a very festive MadDog on Tuesday April 2, 2002 at 3:26 PM - 0 comments

Rotten Retail
I just finally got around to buying The Matrix on DVD (only cause it was on special for $24.95) and the dopey checkout chick wanted to charge me $34.95 for it. I politely told her that she was wrong, and she pulled out the catalog and said "No you're wrong", pointing out that The Matrix wasnt in the catalog for that price. I told her that I didn't care what was in the catalog, and "I'll pay the price marked on the shelf... thanks.". She didn't believe me so she called over another girl from Audio/Visual, who checked the price and came back to us and said "Nup, $34.95". I said "Follow me" and I took her over to the display stand where it had 2 big bright orange tags that said "MATRIX DVD $24.95". I just pointed at the price tags and gave her a you're-as-dumb-as-dogshit look. I was tempted to go into the Store's policy about when a higher price gets scanned in, but she already felt pretty stupid, and that was my mission completed.
Posted by a very fed up MadDog on Thursday March 28, 2002 at 2:11 PM - 0 comments

My Poem Tag
Join the Poem Tag Project. It's cool... or something...
Posted by a very psychotic MadDog on Thursday March 28, 2002 at 9:16 AM - 0 comments

March Muckup 2002 Pics Online
You've waited patiently, and now here they are. The photos taken at the March Muckup 2002 on the 23rd of March are now online in my Output section. Not as many pics as the 2000 effort but a lot of fun was still had by all.

Check them out.
Posted by a very adventurous MadDog on Thursday March 28, 2002 at 9:12 AM - 0 comments

I'm so sleepy...
Why am I so sleepy? It may be because:
  • I've been kidnapped in sleep by aliens and forced to run on their treadmills to power their toaster ovens
  • My night job as a Britney Spears backup dancer is taking its toll
  • I've been secretly figting crime under the cover of night as my alter-ego, TangMan
...or is it because:
  • I've been working too hard
  • I'm drinking too much coffee during the day that I can't sleep at night
  • I've been up every night playing though Conker's Bad Fur Day again on the N64 emulator
Naaah... couldn't be that...
Posted by a very sleepy MadDog on Friday March 15, 2002 at 11:30 AM - 0 comments

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