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Here we are at an Internet Cafe in the Bali Denpasar Airport. It's just turned midnight back home so HAPPY NEW YEAR! However, it's still 9:30 here, and our plane leaves at about 11pm, so it looks like we'll be seeing the new year in many miles in the sky. We may not even get that "Happy New Year" moment... it depends on what the time-zones do.

Anyhoo, we arrive in Melbourne at 7:30am tomorrow morning, so I'll catch up with you all in the next few days.

(which apparenly means something in Indonesian...)

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Last Message from the UK
Hi folks,

Sorry for the lack of updates but Internet access has been quite unavailable the last couple of weeks. Ireland was very nice, and we had a lot of fun driving around the country in our decent rental car, however I think all this traveling has just about taken it's toll on us. Its a good thing that in about 2 hours we'll be heading off to Bali for some much needed beach sitting.

We'll be in Bali for about 2 days and 2 nights which is not nearly enough time really, but enough to get in some major shopping in a country where our dollar is actually worth something. We leave Bali for Melbourne on the 31st of December at about 10:20pm so it looks as though we'll be seeing in the New Year at about 50,000 feet. I wonder if they'll do anything special on the plane...

Right now we are in Gatwick airport in Londinium and its 12:45pm. We were in such a mad rush to get here from Ireland that we arrived a bit earlier than expected and now find ourselves with a few hours to kill. It's a good thing that the shopping centre here is quite large. The security here is quite tight at the moment after that chap got sprung with his Jolly Joggers full of C4. There are quite a few police wandering the halls with semi-automatic rifles. It's all a bit scary.

My relatives in Northern Ireland were quite hospitable, and in some respects over hospitable, especially ove Christmas where they were constantly trying to get us drunk... I dont think the realise that we only drink our beer by the pot and not the pint, but still I was able to keep up.

This Internet access is costing me 12p a minute, or about £7.20 per hour. Convert that into the shitful Australian dollar and we're looking at about $20 an hour. They have free ISP sign-up CD's on offer, so I've stuffed about 17 of them into my jacket to try and get my moneys worth.

Gracie's off reading one of the bajillion UK celebrity paparazzi magazines as I type, so I think I'd better get offline before I have to get a bank loan to pay for my Internet Cafe bill.

We both hope you've had the best time over Christmas. Our deepest sympathy if any of you were affected by the recent bushfires. It was quite a huge story over here. Finally, Happy New Year to you all, and we wish you all the best for 2002.
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Back in London
For the last 7 days we've seen pretty much all Britain has to offer. We've gone straight up the right hand side of Britain, up as far north as Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland (where I could quite often be heard muttering "SEE YOU JIMMY!" and "That's NOT how you make porridge!") and then down the left hand side through Wales ("Oooer missus!" and "You're a wizard, 'arry!") stopping of at Stonehenge on the way back for a spot of pagan ritualistic dancing about (not nekkid dancing unfortunately... the -6 degree temperatures saw to that).

The other travelers on our tour were all-right sort of folk, including a chick who kinda sorta looked like Buffy and an old dude who kinda sorta looked like Charles "Bud" Tingwell, 'cept there was this quite daft old woman who seemed intent on pissing Gracie off.

We just arrived back in London a few hours ago and after a nap, it's now time for some dinner. Our plane leaves for tomorrow at about 1:30pm so we have to be ready for our transfer at about 9:30am, so thats a nice sleep in as opposed to the 6:15am wake-up calls we've been getting over the last week. We'll pick up our cheap rented car at the Belfast airport tomorrow afternoon and head off on our Irish adventure. We'll keep you posted.

Oh, and as some of you know, I'm available via SMS if you've got my number.

Luv Mikey and Gracie.
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Oh, and another thing...
... The wedding went wonderfully. Weather was perfect, and things went reletivly hitch-free (except for the one hitch that mattered :)

Thanks to everyone who attended the ceremony. I think you'll agree that it really was a nice wedding. I'll try to get a VCD made for anyone who wants one when I get back.

In the meantime, suffer in your jocks. I'm in London and you're not.

With love,

Michael & Gracie McCorry
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Ay then, you right bleedin' geeza!
Here I am in a little Internet Cafe around the corner from our hotel near Hyde Park in London. Yesterday we did a quick round of sight-seeing on a double-decker bus finishing up at Maddam Tassaud's Wax Museum and Planetarium, which was way cool. Today we're hoping to get to The London Dungeon and the Tower of London. Our 7-day British Vista tour of Britain begins early tomorrow morning. Must fly now... gotta catch the tube...
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For those out of the loop, you may have seen me mention earlier that organising our honeymoon has been somewhat less-than-stellar. Well I can reveal all now... Click here to read the article that appeared in todays Shepparton News.

It doesn't stop there. Our wedding photographer rang to tell me that he wanted to use my wedding photos in an upcoming Sunday Herald Sun for the weddings section. Weeee!

Just when you think things couldnt get any cooler, I just got off the phone with Today Tonight. They were planning on doing a story about Crownstar International (click the link... you know you want to...), having heard of a number of people who have been diddled by them. However, the other people they were going to interview went off on their honeymoon. So it looks like they want to interview us now. It's now a matter if they can fit an interview with our suddenly hectic schedule.

I feel a bit weird right now. I'm pissed at having lost a metric ASSLOAD of dollars to a pack of scheming bastards, but I'm also excited about the wedding, humbled by the publicity, flustered at all the stress, tired by lack of sleep and whatever emotions you've got lying around... I'll have them too...
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Frequently Asked Questions (without the questions)
With just 2 days to go, heres a few points FYI:
  • Yes, I am excited...
  • No, I'm not freakin' out...
  • Ha ha ha... yes, ball and chain, very humourous...
  • Yes, the honeymoon is all sorted out (after MUCH personal expense later)...
  • We're leaving on Dec 4, come back Jan 1...
Now you can stop asking me. :)
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6 days to go...
Yep. In just 6 short days I will have had the ball and chain surgically attached to my ankle, and will have the pleasure of saying "... and this is my wife, Gracie".

I had my bucks night last night (or stag night, depending on your current locale). We started off at 6:30pm at the Vic Hotel bistro for some good old Schnitzel-Mania™! I ordered the Parmigiana Bolognaise which was quite delicious. I was a bit worried, 'cause lately I havent been feeling a lot like drinking, but last night... man, did I drink.

After tea we went next door to Flannigans and enjoyed a few more ales, before heading up to the Aussie where we consumed a few beers. Then we headed down the road to the local strip bar, Club Rawhide, but the line there was long, for you see, it was the night of the Spring Car Nationals, one of Shepparton's busiest and yobbo-iest nights of the year. So we headed on over to the Yahoo Bar where, you guessed it, we drank some frosty beverages. We decided to try our luck at Rawhide again and after a short wait we were allowed up. Entry was $11, but I didnt have to pay. My mates were paying my way and buying me drinks all night. Thanks guys!

This was the first time at Rawhide, and once upstairs I could see why. There was a lot of shady looking blokes getting lap dances, a lot of hoons, and us. I acted cool as we saw the boosies that were on display. The guys kept asking me which one I wanted, and I was like "Shit, man, I dunno...". Finally, I looked over to Braden and nodded. We both knew which one I wanted... the only one with any boosies. So after grabbing a beer, I was sat down into a chair at this table with a pole on it. The table had a black outer perimeter, which I assumed was where I had to keep my hands behind. Malty payed the nice lady who then proceeded to writhe and wriggle and do what she does. I enjoyed myself and had a good time; a bit of fun. It didn't particularly turn me on or anything, and I probably wouldn't do it again, but hey, it wouldn't have been a bucks night without the manditory boosie action.

After Rawhide we swung by Flannigans again to say hi to zenny. She once said to me that it was odd that while she was much closer to me than she is to Gracie, she was invited to Gracie's bridal shower, but she couldn't come to my bucks night. I agreed, so I thought we should at least say g'day for a few minutes. I had a beer or two and headed off again.

After that we headed up to the Sherbourne, where we saw about 30 police walking up the street. Something big must have been going down. The line out the front was way long so we decided to head to the other nightclub, Time. Now, Time's a good place: the layout is good, the light show and the audio setup is sensational, but really, they gotta learn to play some decent music instead of the techno trance shit they insist on playing. Even Brian, who's into that sort of music, wasn't impressed. We stayed for a few more beers before deciding to call it a night at around 3:15am. I walked back home with Dred and ended up hitting the hay at 3:30am.

This morning, I woke up at about 11am. I didn't feel sick and I didn't have a headache, but man, the room sure was spinning. After taking an AGB, I went back to sleep only to wake up again at 12 noon. I watched the last half of The Fast and The Furious, then went back to sleep again. I finally got up propper at about 3pm, and I felt great.
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dA cUBe r0x0rz!
I had my first Gamecube experience yesterday. A friend of mine received his import Gamecube (or GCN to his mates) yesterday with Super Monkey Ball, and all I can say right now is "IWANTONE IWANTONE IWANTONE IWANTONE IWANTONE IWANTONE!".

Not for Super Monkey Ball though...

Although it is a way-fun, drug-f*cked, Japanese, revved-up version of Marble Madness, and I'll probably get it anyway, but the GCN just oozes fun! It's tiny. The discs are positively miniscule. The controllers... oh the controlers...

Probably one of the best things about the console is that the controlers simply melt into your hand. All buttons are easily accessible and the L + R analogue triggers feel the best of any I've used. The whole deal has this ... "squish" thang going on. It's very hard to put into words. And the rumble of the pad is also pretty spot on, giving the perfect level of feedback.

Anyhoo, they'll be released in Australia next year so I'll probably get one then after I get rid of my N64.
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Chello Schmello...
Methinks there may be some people not entirely happy with their current broadband provider.

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