The Hatch Files

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MadDog I gotta start watching this movie now before gracies eyes get all squinty... seeya!!
Hatch ok then.. Cya, and if you want to blame someone because of the shortfall in this conversation.. blame grace! :-)
MadDog no.. she'll hit me...
Hatch yeah.. but you probably enjoy a bit of pain.. some people find it a real turn on..
MadDog yeah... but only from nipple clamps...

Hatch I'm off to watch ally mcbeal
MadDog okay.. have mcfun!

MadDog I have tinfoil wrapped round my head...
Hatch are you colouring your hair are ya? or are you just being wacked?
MadDog Not everything has to have a reason. Take corduroy waistcoats, for instance.

MadDog yeah... goo... with.. the... floooowww.... use the forks luke...
Hatch forks... no..

Hatch thats like the time I got rid of a tumor that big of my head, it was before I met you and it was bigger than that women's, but I don't want to take away all the glory from her, so no one knows about it except me..
MadDog and me now....

Hatch I'm off to watch ally mcbeal
MadDog okay.. have mcfun!

MadDog Mr Moopy!
MadDog and the Moopy bunch....
MadDog 22 Caliber Death Pebbles
MadDog The Barney Fife Blues Band
MadDog The Belligerent Articulates
MadDog wheres me trousers?
Hatch in the drawer with the extra cheeseburger!!
MadDog aha!!!
Hatch says Will Smith in his new music video.
MadDog and every other bloody video...
Hatch heheehe
MadDog Ahh.. tom cruise is on tv!
Hatch thank god I'm not watching it... I'm watching some weirdarse movie with michele pfiffer... how ever you spell it.. gotta go and watch the rest.. cya!
MadDog mwaaah.. okay then... fine.. go then.. leave me with tom.. see if I care....
Hatch oh but he said how much he enjoyed the situtation with the large prune and prickly pear.. so I thought you could handle it... oh well..

Hatch and I got myself a brand new badminton racket.. yayy!
MadDog yaay! have you killed anyone with it yet?
Hatch nope..
MadDog thats no good.. hehehe

MadDog heheh... noodle power!!!
Hatch exactly.. YaYY for noodles..

MadDog hello... searchin the net I am....
Hatch yeah.. searchin.. but I thought you've already got enough porn already for grace?? *confused look*
MadDog yeah.. got all that... now I need a pumpkin soup recipe..

MadDog Watch as I myseriously make the McMedia homepage return to its former self!! SHAZAM!!
Hatch YaYY!
MadDog now for an impersonation.... *ahem* "OH MY GAWD!!!"

MadDog HAPPY NEW YE... Oh.. its you...
Hatch Oh.. thats how it is is it.. Hmmmm

Hatch what are you up to later on?
MadDog nuffin... we're trying to think of sumthing to do....
Hatch we'll try and think of something to do together.. you could have sphagetti with us.. I am cooking.. don't cringe
MadDog ooooohhh... I dunno... spaghetti and all.... I mean.. you know what they say about you and spaghetti... hmmmm...
Hatch yeah.. its yummy isn't it, thats what they're saying.. :-)
MadDog nah... theyre saying that its not spaghetti at all... but some kind of weird ringworm....
Hatch oh.. I see.. n'ah.. you've gotten it all mistaken.. its not ringworm at all.. its spaghetti.. ya know.. the stringy stuff ya eat with ya mouth, not the stuff that comes out ya bum.
MadDog Ahhhh...

Hatch adrian won't be my friend.. smack him in the chops for me..
MadDog just did..

MadDog hey! that Dawn ad, where they touch the plates with grease on them and the grease goes like "wooop!" to the edge of the plate... well its reall!!!! I tried it at mum's place and it works!
Hatch yeah.. I wanted to know if it actually did that.. it must be some powerful shit.
MadDog yeah... its cool!

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