Dred's Drivel

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MadDog saw doa playing at tunza yesterday... and boy do they wobble!
dred hehehhe gotta luv those titties
MadDog wobble-o-rama

MadDog Kick punch chop, its all in the mind, If youve got a problem, Im sure you'll find, The thing's I'll teach ya, Are sure to beat ya, Never the less, take a lesson from the teacher now,
dred aarrrrgggghhh pa rappa the really bizzare thang

MadDog Ahhh... help me!! Brians playing his bizzare indian sitar music at me again!!!
dred mmm pizza...

MadDog moo!
dred moo.. wtf has a cow got to do with anything hehehehehheheheheh

MadDog hey! c'mere and tell me why my cdrom dont work?
dred i can tell you from here its fucked hahahhahahahahha
MadDog ahhh.. but is it?

MadDog you eat goats
dred yup! and there really tasty =)
MadDog mmmmmm....donut
dred green jelly is fun...
dred spam and lupins and stuff =)
MadDog did you see battle of the sexes last night? somone got to bathe in green and red jelly... not fair is it??
dred heheheh nah i'm refraning from watchin tv.... its evil.. the net and psx isnt tho.. and neither is careering around in mums car =) cause its good...
MadDog hehhehehe...... but you dont understand how depressed i was that someone got to bathe in jelly. :(
dred but i do.. hehehe so why dont you fill the fridge up with jelly and do it =) might as well...

MadDog ..... so tell me why do you not want to go to la porchetas????
dred well i'm actually having halvies in a pizza.. but i'm sick of taking a dump and falling over cause its knocking me out.. so there....hahahahhahahhahaha *lol* *fart* oh shit there it goes again
MadDog ahhhhh i see.. :) some food just does that to ya... :) hehehheheheh
dred its the mushrooms which i love to eat.. but i think we will leave my flactuation out of this conversation.... what do you say??
MadDog i think all things should be talked about go on
dred nnooo its not good.. hehehehehheheh eggs and mushrooms...
MadDog please do tell.. :) i wanna know
dred nope thats it.. hehehehhehahhahahhahahhehehehhahhaehhaehhaehae aeheah
MadDog k :(
dred *fart* whoops

MadDog all announcements done and made!!!! YAHOOO!!! mmm.
dred thanks =) better read em i guess heheheheheheh
MadDog you dont have to.......
dred oh okay i wont then so there =)
MadDog good... dont then... see if I care! :P
dred well fine i will just to piss you off =)
dred mmm might view some porn...

dred you were speaking to wendy someone? the dumb one when we were doing the meeting? wtf was her problem???
MadDog oh yes.... Ummmm.... yeah... she was just generally dopey... I was explaining to her how internet mail worked with the "send and recieve" button....
dred oh fuck me.. i gotta ring her now..
MadDog oooooh she dopey!

dred mmmm brown runny stuff, and white stuff.. mmm that could be a gay's dream... hehehehhe now that is sick... hmm i should book myself into the bloody psychiatric place.... me thinks.
MadDog poor dred.... youve gone mad...
dred yup!.. and gunna make a homepage too.. called how the F*k do spread that vegimite shit..

MadDog are you there little jarrod?
dred bah piss off =)
MadDog yessir...

dred fuck the nets slow as shit.. u know why it is...
MadDog because youre leeching lots of porn? :oř
dred no not yet..

dred i might get me some porn later in the day =)
MadDog You do that young man....

dred oi! bietch you leechin??
MadDog nup... no sir!
dred anyone in there??
MadDog Bri is!
dred that explains it..
MadDog evil evil bri!
dred nah i wouldnt say that..
MadDog satan bri!!! well not satan.... becoz colin from dataparts already has that job.... maybe one of his minions!

MadDog heee... mmm.. porn...
dred suddup bietch...

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