Dred's Drivel

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dred my chair is hairy
MadDog wtf!?!?!?
dred its HAIRY man... its freaking HAIRY
MadDog you son of a bitch!
dred why????
MadDog who is yo daddy.... and what does he do?
dred STOP IT!
MadDog hehehhe
dred more random arnie quotes????? btw my chair really is hairy

dred illbleed US is out
MadDog EVIL GAME!! I dont want silly Illbleed becauce I fear it will make me bleed, then I will be forced to scream "I'll bleed!" at the top of my lungs... that is ofcourse unless my lungs are filled with blood!! OH NOOO!! THE HORROR!
dred okay then..

MadDog yay! hmm.. hrmmm... yaay! what? NOOO THE MAGGOTS ARE EATING MY BRAIN!!! oh no.... hmm.. yay!
dred hrmm umm yer okay
MadDog sorry.. must be the medication... hehehe

MadDog what a fuked error message... http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q276304
dred its almost as fucked as when core shit which only the network admin would be doing dies.. and it says contact the networking administrator *L*

dred XBOXEN IS GOLD!!!!!!!
MadDog give me one!
dred *dred runs and hides his few xboxen*
dred someone should mail mircosoft all your xboxen belong to us

dred BWHAHHAHAHHAHA gaytronics uses frontpage
MadDog thats because theyre gay...
dred but its frontpage... its beyond gayness
MadDog yeah... its like gayest of all gaydom...
dred it takes more cock than jonnie

MadDog Did you know that willy wonka and the chocolate factory has the word "doodlewang" in it? How the hell did Roald Dahl predict that that world would be so hilarious today!
dred hehehhehehhe

Mikey do I have bits yet?
dred i havent seen nor heard from him yet, so i will have to check at lunch time
Mikey cool... bits bits bits bits.. :)

Mikey do I have any bits? ... and no, by "bits" I do not mean genitalia... :)

dred 3 easy steps to show how bad a p3 1gig really is.. 1 buy it 2 give it to me 3 let me flog it fuck outta it

Mikey listen to my hooves.. listen to my hooves.. they go clippity clop clip clop listen to my hooves...
Mikey I finally watched it on sunday.. hehhe that movies farked.. heheh
dred it 0wns j0
Mikey heheheh.. daddy im a farmer
dred daddy would you like some sausage
Mikey heheh... get inside the animal!! now I'm stinking! I'm STINKING!!
dred ehhhehhehhe i still love look at me dady i'm a farmer
Mikey yeh... :) listen to my hooooooves!

dred wtf

Mikey tell me when you remember the trick how to do twinview, cause I am of the opinion that that card wont do twinview without some kind of religious blessing or witchcraft... perhaps a pagan offering to the gods.... maybe a sandwich.

dred to power him up rip the front door open.. and its the middle button i think..
Mikey rip it open? is it locked or something?
dred nup.. ya pull on the front left hand side of the face plate, and its swings open.. but you will need to tug hard hehehheheeh tug hard hehehheheheh
Mikey hahah... hooray sexual innuendo.. ta..

dred TuX0Rz R0X0Rz j0r S0cKz0rz
Mikey 7ux0rz d0n7 0wNz 5h1zn47

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