Dred's Drivel

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dred u there??
MadDog I am now...
MadDog ... but now I'm gone again... in 15 seconds....
MadDog 10...
MadDog 5...
MadDog ***GONE***

dred hey did you get nuddie pics from the car wash again?
MadDog NOOO!! I didnt know it was on!
dred BWHAHHAHAHHAHA mmmm boosies =)
MadDog :( missed boosies...
dred hehehheheh yup! they werent too bad either =))
MadDog :(

dred grab ya mic.. its dj maddogggiieeeeeeeeee bringing ya some just wierd shit all afternoon *L*

MadDog It's OK to eat chicken with your fingers... ... but only when it's dead.
dred unless of course your name is ozzy osbourne.. then its okay when ever the hell you feel like some chicken
MadDog heheh...
dred mmmmmm cheeeken... cept personally i think i would prefer it to be nicely and jsut ever so slightly friggin cooked b4 i'll be eatin me any
MadDog yes.. and not made of plasticine like those chooks in chicken run...
dred yer cause its really hard to a) get out of between your teeth.. and b) its really hard to get outta ya. ummm how do you say it.. bum....
MadDog arrrghhh!

dred hey you know where i can get a neo-geo 2 dc link cable?
MadDog tried kmart?
dred BWHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH thats funny =)))) this is the converstation me: i want a neo-geo 2 dc link cable please kmart: umm you want wot? me: a neo-geo 2 dc link cable kmart: dc??? kmart: neo-geo me: SMAK YOU CUNT

MadDog I've written a nice new jingle for CNL: "Cunt-ry nad lick, your testicular provider.... "
dred *LOL*

dred mmm crunchie milk shake
MadDog god damn theyre good arent they!
dred mmm fucking oath they are =)))
MadDog mm.. not that thick thou
dred yer which kinda sucks.. but still mmmm they are thicker than milk... and taste yummy mmmm
MadDog just like a crunchie only a milkshake! geddit? its like the cocopops slogan, but back to front... :d)
dred yes.. i get it.. *half assed smirk* =P

dred LOOK i'm a marvel of moden reverse engineeeering i have part of the actual source code to WINME

do while more than 1 operation per sec AND crash = 1
      random X
      if x> 1
            crash = 0 like the sack of shit winme is
            work for a bit longer
MadDog part? thats the entire source code!
dred hehehe =)))) fucking thing.. its REALLY pissing me off

MadDog Elmo taught me that speaking in an effeminate voice and singing openly to strangers three times your size makes friends
dred hahahahha well go on then =)

dred hahahhahahahah dlrew rouy skcor setag llib
MadDog !gepm eht evah i ...eurt sti ...skcoc ynam kcus setag llib

dred hrm this computer is FUCKED UP
MadDog wow... capital letters.. wow...
dred but it is..

MadDog dya think anyone would mind if I killed these little kids running around the cafe?
dred maybe only there parents.. but hey they might like the quiet hehehhehe
MadDog yup... kill kids... gooood...
dred i'll grab the cheese grater
MadDog mwahahah
dred we could be nice and comb there hair with potato peelers that could be interesting

dred hrm linux just told me i have a noisy keyboartd cable
MadDog ohh.. what does it sound like?
dred hheheheh fucked if i know *L*

dred ???? explain your self mr


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