Dred's Drivel

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dred mmm donuts.. where may i ask are they??? =) mmm donuts..
MadDog in my tummy tums.......
dred *sob*
MadDog there there.. *pats head...*

MadDog Mmmm... foot warmers..... Gotta get me a pair of them..... oops! I put my foot in it... he he he....
dred thats really bad pun you know hehehhehehe
MadDog I thought it was good!

dred mm burgers...
MadDog nummo....
dred nummo???? please explain??
MadDog no starvin, thats kenny's creamed corn....
dred hmm i have no idea wtf your on about.. heheheh

dred heheh i luv getting mails, entitled fuck u asshole hehehehh
MadDog mr popularity

MadDog apparently his double barreled bong is getting him stoned.. hmm... i dont understand..
dred hehehehehehe

dred tell ya what tho.. its a fucking great way to find porn on the net =) just watch the proxy and see what sites ppl are going to..
MadDog yeeeaaah!

MadDog yaay for talking for 10 minutes about something I have no idea about... heheeh
dred hahhahaha you should have finished the conversation with umm yer well SPAM!!!!! *click*
MadDog or.... "Okay... bye bye.... SCHLONG!

dred your crap
MadDog youre not so crash hot yourself
dred spunky monkey
MadDog now im confused.
dred hahhah it was ren..
MadDog thought so

dred woof woof golden years..
MadDog wuf wuf wuf....

MadDog gonna mow my lawn tommorow!! :o)
dred woohoo.. i wanna see maddog out in his singlet, shorts and thongs, pushing the mower around hehehhe

dred hey wtf was going on in st georges rd today???
MadDog bomb scare... did you see it?
dred was it.. fark.. nah hatch told me about it.. man i went past later on and there was still a copper or 3 hangin around.. that shit was like across the road from where my little sis lives..
MadDog yeah... there was shitloads of people sitting on their front fence waiting for the bomb squad.... (or an explosion)
dred ehehhehe cool =)
MadDog bit of life for booring old shep on a sunday arvo..
dred heheh yup!

dred hehehehheh why are you looking for pics of porn
MadDog heheh.. i just typed "go fuck yourself" into the address bar in IE.. heheh.. thats where it eventually took me...
dred *L* now thats funny

dred Anata wa baka desu yo
MadDog yeah... you AND your mum...
dred know wot i said?? hehehheehhe you're a fool *L*

dred hahahahhaha braden just said he wants to be in a pr0n flik *L* instead of the standard 40 year old guys *LOL*

MadDog I am sancho...
dred you aint sancho never will be =P

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