Dred's Drivel

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MadDog look... im a choccobo! *WARK WARK!*
dred *WHACK*!!! stop it your going all wierd ass... hmmm hang on nothings changed.. continue.. BTW.. your not sancho
MadDog I am sancho...

dred have you ever heard of the term Mjuice???
MadDog oh no... please explain it to me...
dred nfi either.. cept winamp 2.5d now supports it *L*
MadDog oh.. i thought it was something disgusting... heheh
dred hahahha no but it conjours up some wierd ass possiblilites doesnt it

MadDog I am sancho
dred bwhahahaha no your not =P

MadDog AHA!!! I will get you squall!! ahhhh ow!! my face... nooooo... selphie to the rescue... nooo... aaahhh BOOOMM!!

MadDog silvy and the magic wand are getting to know each other....
dred bwhahahahhahahah

MadDog oki.... fighter maker it is... hehe... we should have a "make a cool ass fighter" competition.. heheh
dred hahahah well mine would have such characters as "ass munch" with many an ass move... and "Da Ass Man" =) hehehhehe
MadDog you could call it "Ass fighters"

MadDog hooray! somebody owns the domain 'bigboobyland.com'
dred bwhahahaha wot about sickbastard.com?? cause i want that

dred hey are you related to tom green???
MadDog no..
dred hahahah do you know who tom green is??
MadDog never heard of him...

dred oobernastrum!!!!
MadDog ice! look out! why? Slippery!

dred there the good ole boys.. never meaning no harm...
MadDog gah
MadDog yup... 11 seasons.... 22 episodes per season

MadDog merry christmas and a merry egg nog to you and yours, mr dreddy
dred hrm... okies well thank you and the same right back at ya, cept change the dreddy bit to maddog =)

MadDog yeeees!!

MadDog heheh.. I farted..
dred *LOL* eeewwwweeeee dog farts

dred hehhe yup! i did the impossible.. i shared an austar net connection =)
MadDog yay!!! now share it with me!! heheheheheh

MadDog I gotta get myself Crazy Taxi... :o)
dred hahahahha
MadDog maybe I can print out the covers, blu-tack them to my forehead and sit in a chair going "Vrrrroooooommm vrooooomm.. wow thats CRAAAAZY!"

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