Dred's Drivel

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Mikey planet maddog is number 2 for "brittney spears eating cum" hahahahah!
dred *LOL*
dred you are a sick little man
Mikey hahah.. well its just there... I didnt search for it.. someone else did today.. heheh

Mikey are you enjoying much fun downloading with pinchy...
dred pinchy 0wnZ j00
Mikey :D
dred heheheh its go time
Mikey go time?
dred hehhehhe sorry i just had to say that at some time today.. hehehehhehe

Mikey need... new... monitor.... the 17" one i nicked from work is buggered... doh.. I cant go back to 15" noooooo.. nooo.. dont make me go back to 15"... noooooo heheh
dred eheh gib me all dem 17in's i need a fuscking cpu!!!!
Mikey hehe... i can just picture you diving across the room to switch the PC off... in slow motion going "NOOOOOOO!!" .. heheh
dred exchange the word NNOOOO for FFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey yep... message from my brother "woo hoo !! yay!" and stuff... i bet he spent all last night moving icons around his screen going "wooooo!!" and stuff...

Mikey played red faction for the first time last night... I thought, yeah, I'll just play the first level... about 4 hours later I realised that theres no levels and that its just one big freakin world.... hahahah... I went to get up and my arm nearly snapped from being in the same position for hours... heheh..
dred ahhaahah good game eh =) you need to play something cool like MOHAA
Mikey play it? I just like saying it MOHAAAAA!!

Mikey and it works well... just install the floppy first... :)
dred FLOPPY!!?!?!?!?! wtf are they? hehehhehe

dred wa?
Mikey we set up the 2k webserver, and went to test it, and its pointing to goatse.cx... hehehe leigh sez you set it to point there.. its too early in the morning for giant sphincters... hehehe
dred HAHHAHAHAHHA ah shit i forgot about that BWHAHAHHAHAHHA

dred hahhahahah she lubs j0
Mikey what where?
dred she wants you bad HAHAHHAHAHAHHA
Mikey yaarrgh!! thats rank... thats worse than the goatse.cx dude... what makes you say that...
dred hahahhahahha she's suckin pretty hard atm hehehehhe
Mikey ARRGGHH!!!! *goes off to have a cold shower with clothes on* Stop freakin me out.. heheh
dred hehehehehhe

dred http://users.bigpond.net.au/atj777/UrchinSpwni g.jpg its sea urchin pr0n
Mikey oh dear..
dred heeehheheh he's releaseing his seed *LOL*
Mikey heheh ... you sick pervo.. hehehe

dred fucking helicopters are noisey pricks
Mikey bwahahh.. I wish we had helicopters here...

dred hey i'm listening to "Jesus is Mexican" *L*
Mikey hahah.. but is he?
dred hrm that i'm not sure of.. may have to think about it some more..

Mikey you can get .bz domains now, and wouldnt you know it, someones already gotten boo.bz... damn...
dred hahahhahahah
Mikey bigboo.bz is free though...

Mikey kate just came in and said "How are you gentlemen" and I almost replied "All your base are belong to us, you are on the way to destruction" heheh

dred this domain is just cool.... www.wangdoubler.com *L*
Mikey hahahahah!

dred i'm so gunna buy game and watches hehehehehhe
Mikey HAHAHA.. do it man!! whats the going price.
dred dunno.. game and watches kick ass.. i have soooooo many memories of playing DK, and GH... and ST... they rock i tell you... fuck the GC lets all get GNW collections *L*
Mikey HAHAH.. LETS DO IT!! heheheh

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