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Now since Amy is now six months old, and also because I've been majorly neglecting this section of the website, I've decided to give you all an update on where we're at with everyone's favorite baby.

  • Shortly after she was born, Amy's hair started to get really thin, and a bald spot had formed on the back of her head where it would rub against the sheets as she slept. Well, the hair has started to grow back now, so that's good.
  • She's a mad rolling machine. She was a bit slow in learning to roll over, and just when we were wondring if she'd ever learn, she started rolling all over the place. This means we have to pay a lot more attention to her now, making sure she doesn't roll behind the couch or into the heater. One time Amy was in the lounge room while Gracie was taking a shower. She rolled straight out the door, through another room and into our foyer. Gracie was amazed to find her in the middle of the room smiling away.
  • That's another thing. Amy just LOVES to smile, which is great because I love watching her smile. All you need to do is look at her and she'll give you the cutest smile.
  • She's gotten quite good at using her hands now. If there's something she want to play with, she'll reach out and grab it, before attempting to shove it into her gob. If the object is out of her reach, she'll reposition herself and roll on over to it. Again, we have to be very careful with what we leave lying around now.
  • Amy LOVES to be nude, but then again, who doesn't. When Amy starts to get cranky, and we need to kill some time until her feed/bath/bed time, we can usually buy some time just by nuding her up and letting her kick around on her blanket.
  • She's starting to learn that our actions are actually reactions based on her own crazy actions. She's doing more and more things to try and get our attention, like slapping her hand on surfaces that will make some noise, or making high-pitched squealy noises. I often think she's hurt herself, or she's crying about something, but she's just happily squealing away, smiling at me as if to say "made you look!".
  • Along with these squealy noises, Amy's been learning how to use her vocal chords by babbling on randomly, blowing spit-bubbles and lauging at the many amusing faces and noises I make. I get a kick out of her reactions to new sounds I make, but eventually she tires of it and I have to find something else to get her attention.
  • Speaking of getting her attention, Amy LOVES the Dodo Internet adverts. Whoever makes these ads should make kids shows, because no matter what we're doing, Amy will stop and and jerk her head towards the TV and will NOT take her eyes off thawt damned blue bird until the ad is over. It makes feeding her very difficult at times. On the other hand however, she also loves watching The Simpsons, which is great, and obviously shows that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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