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Well, they've got MY business

I don't normally read the spam email I get, which is understandable, as I get hundreds of junk emails every day, however this one caught my eye. Not through any brilliant marketing ideas mind you, but rather by a poor grasp of the English language.

Darling Reasonable Customer!

I am "Actuality C. Hydroelectric", and I work at Low-Software INC.

You are is so momentous for all of our company!

You waste your earnest money and your time on my representation, and We want to let you know that our corporation have end update of soft assortment.

Our firm like remind You that our company propose that now Our Company have more bigger choice Top programs for very cheap cost with your individual Client price reduction.

Would you be so kind as spend few of your high cost Times to our renovated warez Catalogue righ here: [LINK REMOVED]

With regards,
Clients Service Department, "Actuality C. Hydroelectric"

I like to imagine that who ever wrote this email is actually named "Actuality C. Hydroelectric" and that he is actually a wacky Japanese midget with blue hair and glasses.

Posted by a very thirsty MadDog on Thursday August 12, 2004 at 10:41:53 AM - (4 comments)


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