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And where the hell have you been lately, mister?

It has been brought to my attention that I am a slacker who doesn't update his blog nearly often enough. For this I apologise, but not enough to give you a decent excuse. :)

First of all, the big news at the moment is that I have resigned from my current workplace to take up a new position which pays a bit more money, offers less stress and allows me to persue some extra-curricular, out-of-hours projects. This move is huge for me, jumping out of a massive comfort zone I've been in for over seven years, and I wouldnt have done it if I wasn't sure that it was the perfect thing for me to do right now, thinking about where I want to be in about 5 years time. The timing is pretty spot-on for this kind of move.

I've had a chat with the manager at McPherson Media and he's offered me ownership of the OzChat domains, so I've decided to have a crack at writing my own web chat, and make the best damn OzChat I can. It's looking very promising at the moment and could potentially bring in a spot of advertising revenue. I'm also getting into the web hosting business, offering domains and hosting on top of the freelance web design I'll be doing. Also, madSite, My content management system (CMS), that I've been writing for the last 2 years is almost ready for a v1.0 release (I know I said that about a year ago, but I really think I'm getting close :). Top this off with a prospective virtual tour website for real estate agents and you've got yourself one very busy little Mikey.

In other news, I've recently had the mis-fortune to have lost my wallet and my mobile phone together. After getting a new SIM card and going back to my old phone, I stupidly lost that phone the following week. $33 for yet another new SIM card later, I'm back to my old OLD phone. There was around $60 or so in the wallet, but the killer was stopping all the bank cards, waiting for replacements to arrive, arranging a new drivers licence (with a fatter-faced Mikey in the photo), and no knowing what else was in the wallet that could be exploited. Anyone who knows me, knows that I keep my life in my wallet. It's like Seinfeld's George Costaza's, bursting at the seams with Subway vouchers, reciepts, business cards and memorabilia such as my first parking ticket, and my first speeding fine. All gone. I'm over it now, though. I have a cool new leather wallet with a nice big clear window for a photo of Amy, and a coin purse and all the other wallet neccessities, so it's not all bad.

Posted by a very bewildered MadDog on Thursday October 21, 2004 at 3:10 AM - (4 comments)


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