Digger Follies

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Digger how are ya child!!! :P
MadDog yeah... not too bad I spose...
MadDog yeah... not too bad I spose...
Digger *L* You are terrible you two. what happened anyways?? Hatch reckons you would tell me?
MadDog Did he now? Well that was nice of him wasnt it. He just doesnt get it. He never will..
Digger what is fuckin up mate? Shite?
MadDog Never mind, man... He just doesnt know when enough is enough. He thinks he's so bloody hard these days. Just wait til he learns that he's not.
Digger ko then mate fair enuff
MadDog yeah... things will sort themselves out soon... he just needs to get something though his skull..
Digger ok then.....don't ruin a friendship over it though mate
MadDog we'll see what happens....

MadDog Apparently, you do the Hokey-Pokey... THEN you turn around. And to think I'd been doing it the wrong way around all these years.
Digger wot, ya do the hokey pokey first then the weasel goes pop??
MadDog Nah mate.. it turns out theyre not even related!!! Wow..
Digger nah ya joking me......no weasel popping in the hokey pokey? It's just outrageous
MadDog yeah... Ive been jipped!
Digger I know why now.....GST......the weasel is luxury on top of the hokey pokey wot's next, two pigs and a wolf cos three is just overdoing it so two will do.....and no special door or latches cos that is a luxury for pigs
MadDog ummm... k
Digger nah without the GST I bet there'd still be a weasel in the hockey pokey....
MadDog Nah mate, I spread it with butter....
Digger ah ok guess wot we got in the fridge at werk? "I can't believe it is not butter"
MadDog i permanantly have that in the fridge at home.. its great...
Digger is it really?
Digger I mean really?
MadDog hell yeah... I mean, I CAN believe it, but still...
Digger *L*

Digger i was told I'd need a mutlipupiloptomy....and that they'd have to go in through the rectum to minimise the risk of damaging the eye, but ain't no man gonna take that route with me
MadDog Haaaaaa... I remember that...
Digger name the movie
MadDog gimme a hint.... Its on the tip of my tongue... not too big a hint though..
Digger leslie nielson is in it
MadDog was it HOT SHOTS 2???!!! and leslie neilsen wasnt in that... but it was a good enough hint thankyou....
Digger nah didn't say he was in it......he has worked with Pat Proft the director/producer or wotever he was and no wrong
MadDog Hot Shots ONE! and your exact words: "leslie nielson is in it"
MadDog and Pat Proft was the writer...
Digger well aren't we a smarty-pants. but I meant "in it" like saying he's down with it ya know wot I'm saying G? I was just down wit da homes and all (I think he bought it) (did I type that or just think it??)
MadDog ha! no inner monologue for you! heheheh... yeah.. i remember now.. it was that blind pilot guy...
Digger hehehe and wot was his name?
MadDog was it Washout?
Digger *Rapturous Applause from the Masses Assembled* No ummm *nudges from the judges* <---- That rhymes ok yes it was congratulations......you've won our star prize.......A Blow On The Head oh nah wait that's monty python sketch umm yeah it was
MadDog yeah baby! I thought was something like that... I liked "You have the whitest white-part-of-the-eyes I've ever seen. Do you floss?"
Digger *LOL* Yeah was good....... just had them lengthened.....now they go all the way up
MadDog heheh...
Digger wasn't that fun! *L*
MadDog heheheh.. yep...

Digger why....wot did I do?
MadDog you told kylie to throw stuff at meee!!
Digger no i didn't
MadDog thats what she said!!!
Digger she lied
MadDog I've forced a signed confession out of her... Please accept my meagre apology, kind sir...
Digger hehehe wot you consider meagre I consider mighty, fully accepted.... you are a gentleman and a scholar
MadDog And you are a gentleman and a scollop...
Digger hehehe us shelled sea creatures prefer to be called mollusks
MadDog again.. I apologise... Is crustacian acceptable?
Digger yeah that'd do! *L*

Digger webster is cool

MadDog does it werk?
Digger nope.....
MadDog Thankye!! I am now authorised to thwack braden...
Digger thwak 'im gooood!!!!

Digger how is it goin?
MadDog 16 % as braden would say... slow as a wet wig...
Digger ah fark oh well how do you measure the speed of a wig, let alone a wet one? Can you race em?
MadDog I'm not sure... but I'd pay to see it...
Digger hehe
MadDog come one come all to the wig races...
Digger hehehe 36-1 on the brunette beehive can anyone match that price in the bookie ring?
MadDog haaaa.. i think youre onto a winner there... *rushes off to get life's savings....*

Digger "Luge strategy? Lie flat and try not to die." ** Tim Steeves It's so true
MadDog Well, it doesnt matter if you come first, second or third.. either way, youre still a luger... get it? luger.. loser? geddit?
Digger hahahaha ok then

Digger you gots purdy hair
MadDog Yaaaay... shiney happy hair!
Digger it's a bold new look the hairdo
MadDog yes... and it acts as a deterrant to muggers...

Digger hello chris eddy....I mean Mikey! hehehehe
MadDog shoosh you.. i kill you and you evilness!! yaaahh!!!
Digger nooooo no you won't.....how did ya know it was me?
MadDog cos dreddy told me.. gaaaghhhhh you evil!
Digger yer but how true is it
MadDog not tru at all!!! about as true as braden looks like ken muston....

MadDog silvy and the magic wand are getting to know each other...
Digger hahaha wot?
MadDog she's learning photoshop... just something she said on the phone to someone... sounded suss...

Digger excuse me webmaster but I am using a new browser now and am wondering if your pages are compatible with SurfMonkey
MadDog I regret to inform you, but our websites are not part of the Web Monkey Childrens Network...

Digger I just got sent a flaming bag of poo thingy. ya have to stomp on a flaming bag! *L*
MadDog did you get poo on your shoe?
Digger yes, sadly I did =[

MadDog haaaa!.. I have a loverly shot of yournipple...
Digger hahaha can I have a look?
MadDog yeah.. when I get it off the camera....
Digger come on....me wanna see my nipple was it nice and erect? *L*
MadDog very pointy!

MadDog :o(
Digger cheer up doggy I'll give ya a bickie??
MadDog yaaaay! :oD
Digger bickies are good
MadDog yes...

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