Dagger Be Thy Name

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Dagger G'day maddy, Daggs here, wots shakin??
MadDog Boosies are shakin.. all over the place.. hooray for boosies!!

Dagger Hiya Drool boy *lol*
MadDog heh heh... drool on!

MadDog Merry Xmas and all the best for the new year... Peace, Love and Mungbeans! This has been an announcement on behalf of the MadDog Association for the Terminally Insane.
Dagger thanx maddy. you have a merry one too buddy. Hope they give ya turkey in the nut house *grin*
MadDog yep... and craberry sauce.. mmm....
Dagger we gonna be eatin well fer the next few weeks ay!! hehehe *yum*
MadDog you bet.... mmm.. yaay! dont actually have to buy food!!!
Dagger you been good??
MadDog good enuff...
Dagger mmm so ya might get sumpin from santa... good luck *lol*
MadDog Yup... hopefully something that doesnt suck..
Dagger I'm hopin for sumpin that will suck *grin*
MadDog *thinks for a second* Hmmmm....
Dagger *slurp slurp slurp slurp* thinkin thinkin thinkin..... hmmmm
MadDog hmmm... okay... enough thinking for today...
Dagger ok, but we kan continue the slurping??
MadDog well WE cant... thats just weird...
Dagger oh, yeah sorry. *kof kof* *ahem* didn't mean it like that.... hehe ahhh shucks.
MadDog yes... *shakes head* Ahem.. that shall be all... *looks around*
Dagger lets have nun of this back door shananiganism!! hehe not even just a little bit!!!
MadDog no.... that would be bad...
Dagger if it were to ever come out in public our images would be improved and we can't have that, must be prepared to do a cover up!!
MadDog yes!! conspiracy...
Dagger must watch the grassy knowl, the second gunman!! Watch out for charlie, up in the trees!! I got your back soldier!!

Dagger hey maddy, I'm chattin up a coupla 16yr old chickys, wun of em is the sister of wuna the guys I work with *lol* he gona be shitty tomorrow *grin*
MadDog HAA!!! but is he gunna find out?
Dagger yeah I can't wait to tell him *rofl* he is pretty defensive *grin*
MadDog Yaaay! Youre mean.. thats cool!
Dagger hehe yes it is cool to be mean and tease people!!! and so much fun!!
MadDog I wish I could be that cool....
Dagger nah I don't think you can be... I could take you on as my apprentice tho.. teach you the way of the Jedi and all... I mean the ways of the asshole *grin*
MadDog hehehe... always two there are... and asshole and an apprentice....
Dagger apprentice asshole, has a nice ring to it!! *grin*

Dagger Heya Maddy.. wot's yer phone number? I wana call up for sum hot steamy doggy bedtime storys :)
MadDog noooooooooo... not unless you want to blow your mind, boyo!
Dagger hehehe awww nah don't wana do that, but gime the number anyways.

MadDog Ive been painting a picture... gotta get it done for xmas....
Dagger is it of santa?
MadDog no.. its people on the beach... pretty boring really.. but it looks nice....
Dagger is it a nude beach?
MadDog hmmm.. could be...
Dagger could they be the hunnies from the carwash playin volleyball on the beach,... jumping up and down and bouncin all around ??
MadDog nah.. theyre just standing there fully clothed... dang.. we should of had this conversation before I started it...
Dagger but with paintin you can paint titties over their cloths :)
MadDog yeah!!!
Dagger wif pointy nipples like madonna!!

MadDog damn.. the internet wont tell me where the clitoris is...
Dagger well I haven't got it.... I'll ask malty... just a tick.

Dagger spank me... i've been nauty!!
MadDog *spanks you*
Dagger awww tanks

Dagger are you still gettin older?
MadDog We're all getting older.... all slowly step by step reaching our day of demise.... oh woe is me...

Dagger we all low on funds... it will be a very tight assed goin out... clench tightly!
MadDog yes! fishes asses!
Dagger even tighter than that! *l*
MadDog wow!

Computer Whats happening Maddog
MadDog corpses! theyre everywhere!

Dagger you have pretty hair :)
MadDog mmm.. red and shiney...

Dagger hmmm pesky chipmunks... shoo shoo get away from dat!!

Dagger The internet won't show me the jubleys!!
MadDog here they are!! ZZIPP! BOING!! WOBBLE!!
Dagger yowzers!!
MadDog would you like a complimentary polaroid? I have to give them back soon...
Dagger yes pleeeeez!
MadDog *snap* *flash* tadaa.. yours to keep...
Dagger awwww tanks!!!

Dagger top of the morning to ya :)
MadDog *does a little leprechaun dance while drinking much guinness*
Dagger hehe wot fun!! *clap clap clap*
MadDog heee!!! *jiggy jiggity jig* Now lets have lashings of guinness!
Dagger mmmmm glug glug
MadDog gah.. feel crook now...
Dagger have a vb
MadDog *glug!* Ahh.. Im young again...
Computer and gettin prettyer by the jug!! can I take you home lil doggy?
Dagger we'll see...
Computer ah ye a pretty young lass... a tad hairy but pretty thing all the same *l*

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