Wacky Jerzakie

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Jerzakie every time you type "valign" doesn't it feel like your typing "vagina"
Mikey BWAHAHAH! I've never thought of that... Until now, when I will *always* think of it... heheh
Jerzakie haha, I noticed it the other day.

Jerzakie MadDog 20/20
Mikey Jerzakie, ummm.. 20/ umm.. 20?
Jerzakie lol.
Jerzakie MadDog 20/20 is a cheap-ass booze here.
Mikey oh... HAHAH yaay! I'm cheap-ass and boozy!

Jerzakie yizzoh, hizzo
Mikey word up. is your cam pic down or is it my shitty internet connection?
Jerzakie it was my ignorance in telling D that it was back up and giving him the wrong URL. I suck ass.
Mikey HAHAH... Oh well...
Jerzakie yeah, he'll probably cast me away to page 5 or something...
Mikey nooooooooooo! If he does I'll have to send the boys around to break his kneecaps... well I WOULD if I had boys to send around...
Jerzakie yeah... and if he had kneecaps.
Mikey yeah... i heard that about him... I guess he'd have this whole John Cleese, monty python silly walk thing going on..

Jerzakie ok I am oof to do laundry (AWESOME, I LOVE IT)
Mikey w00t w00t! g0 that funkee laundree!!!!!!!!
Jerzakie ttyl, have fun at werk.
Mikey oh, thats another coincident between us... we both like to spell werk as werk... :D

Mikey ... that logo sucks a bit, but I guess theres not much you can do about that... heheh
Jerzakie haha, the owner made the in Windows Pain in 1994.
Mikey hahahah.. it looks it..
Jerzakie MADE THAT IN WINDOWS PAINT... i spel guud
Mikey u r l33t speeelar. LOLOLLO!!!11!
Jerzakie i c4n 5p3ll l1k3 a m074erfuck3r
Jerzakie w00t !
Mikey w00t^2

Jerzakie man.. so I ate at the Outback Steakhouse the other night.
Jerzakie I have more Australian questions....
Jerzakie chook or chicken ?
Mikey chook is very common... and sanga is a sandwich, so chook sangas are tops...
Jerzakie man that place has bomb ass steak
Jerzakie there all kinds of boomerangs and crap all over that place, it's real cliche
Mikey hahah.. yeah.. its like irish pubs that have all sorts of crazy junk on the walls is nothing like real irish pubs...
Jerzakie yeah, haha... americans aren't too bright :)
Mikey our irish pubs are the same...
Jerzakie we have The Dublin Pub here.. it's green.. imagine that

Jerzakie top cam pic
Jerzakie is that your dog, is that a shihtzu ?
Mikey nah... as much as I like saying shihtzu, she's a maltese X king charles cavalier.
Jerzakie thats... elaborate

Jerzakie I was just showing Nicki how to use BBCode
Mikey yeh?... was it fun?
Jerzakie Fun-O-Meter

| I . . . . . . . . . |
Mikey heheh... now teach her C#!!
Jerzakie I think I would rather dump a bag of hot broken glass down the front of my underwear
Mikey dont knock it til youve tried it.... hehe
Jerzakie haha
Jerzakie oh Mike... you and your mutated genitals !
Mikey .. of dooom...

Jerzakie fuck IIS Cart... fuck it with a big rubber dick.

Jerzakie hot weather.. .f*ck you.. it SNOWED here today.
Mikey snow is cool!
Jerzakie snow is teh suck
Mikey sn0h iz teh b1z0mb..

Jerzakie I got a new cam, w00t !
Mikey yeh, what kind?
Jerzakie Logitech QuickCam Traveler (it was $30 new)
Mikey ooh.. its it nice and crispy clear?
Jerzakie yeha it is.
Mikey wooha!
Jerzakie yeah not like it's doesn't have the "Grainy Dogshit FilterŪ" that the Veo does

Jerzakie hows work?
Mikey yeah, not so bad... you?
Jerzakie I';m @ home.
Mikey ahh.. of course... *slaps forhead*
Jerzakie yeah remember. I'm a sodding American dog.
Mikey filthy capitalist pigs!! *goes back to eating his big mac* :)

Jerzakie what type of gov't / economic system does Australia have?
Mikey Its based on the Westminster system which the UK uses, and our head-of-state is the queen although not many really care about the queen here and there's a push lately for us to become a republic. Don't know much about our economic system, cept to say its pretty piss-poor.
Mikey My turn.. Ummm.... err... Umm... what kind of flavored Ramen noodles do you have in the United States?
Jerzakie Shit... we have everything. Oriental, Shrimp, chicken, beef.
Mikey Wow! you truly are the land of the free!
Jerzakie land of the free if you are an upper class white male :)
Mikey upper class white male who likes ramen noodles...

Mikey ...and i've noticed nads likes to tell people to go fuck themselves...
Jerzakie yeah... he's into that.
Jerzakie hey Mike.... go fuck yourself.
Jerzakie just so you know... I'm just sayin'.
Mikey HAHAHA... suggestion noted.. :)

Jerzakie did you just ring my doorbell?
Mikey nope.. ive just been here playing with this spider...

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