Ade's Ramblings

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Ade hiya
MadDog Hi there!!!! Mmm. water....
Ade water .... where where ??
MadDog in my hands!
Ade what are you doing with the water !!?!?

MadDog yaaaayyyy!!! *brrr-pop!*
Ade yayayayaay ..... ahhhhh.. anyway whats news ???
MadDog ummm.. about a week and a day til my unit is mine!
Ade groovy ! can you say HOUSE PARTY ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
MadDog yahoooo!!!! Mmmmm.... time to consume mass quantities of beverages!!

MadDog god.. Im full of beef now...
Ade mmm Beef ... what did ya have fur dinner?
MadDog just had 4 burgers for hungry jacks... very disappointing... Ive gone right off hungry jacks now....
Ade 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geeeee thats alot of burgers !!!!! why were you dissapointed???
MadDog I dunno.. i used to be able to eat 4 of them, but now I feel ill halway through the first one.... I only get four because I got a shopadocket that gets me 4 of them for not much money....
Ade heheheh you should of saved them .... that could of been 4 seperate meals !
MadDog yeah... gross...
Ade nah CHUNKY !!!! hmmm HJ gets better and better the longer you leave it sit !!!! mmm FLUFFY bits !
MadDog mmm.. fluffibuns.... mmmm.

MadDog dreamcast resident evil rocks big bickies!!!!
Ade yeah TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!! WOOOOOAAA this is gonna be one great game!!!!!!!
MadDog "Capcom does not accept any responsibility for any pant soilage experienced while playing this game".

Ade bye fellow shonkoid !
MadDog may the shonk be with you!
Ade HOW !!!
MadDog easy, really...
Ade eh??
MadDog you said how, I said easy...
Ade hahahahah Your a funny man bud !!! :) hmm I am having mexican withdrawals :(
MadDog yaay!

MadDog give vetta a whirl...
Ade its the fina pasta in the world :O

Ade Bowser!
MadDog Koopa!
Ade Troopa
MadDog Gannon!
Ade argggg
MadDog Kirby!
Ade nooo morreee
MadDog Shamus!
Ade huh?
MadDog oops!
Ade ??
MadDog Weeeeeed!
Ade are you on weed?
MadDog no... blopity bloppity!
Ade no your on smack !
MadDog no thats you!!!
MadDog donuts.. is there anything they cant do?

Ade hey how is my favorite dog?? gee now that sounds like a name for a corny USA sitcom .. :P
MadDog *singing* He's my favorite doggie, and he's really cool... He's my favorite doggie, and he's umm, in a pool... There.. thats the theme song....
Ade oh was there a show on that ??

MadDog Where's my boomerang sonny?
Ade it dinnt come back yeah !!!

MadDog YAY!
Ade YAY! x 3
MadDog YAY! x infinty!
Ade YAY! x .. oh bother you win

MadDog I gots chicken

Ade YAY! ... we will have to get together again soon for some MEXICAN food man !!! YAY !!!!
MadDog yes! some tacos!
Ade Tacos would be ace ... hmmmmm
MadDog taccooooooooooooo!
Ade yeah sing it baby ...
MadDog laaaaaa... taco munch! yeah!

Ade BLAT !
MadDog wow! bacon lettuce AND tomato! wow!

MadDog what are you doing tonite?
Ade mesa .. nothing ... probably wollowing in my own squareness

MadDog juicy fruity?
MadDog huzzah for the super happy family juicy fruity
Ade can I have one ?
MadDog yes! yes you can...
Ade cool ...

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