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It lives once more!
Hi... You might remember me. MadDog? I'm the guy that runs this here website. Yeah, well sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've recently aquired a new workstation PC for myself here at work. A lovely machine: Dual 1Ghz Pentium 3 CPUs, 60 Gig of ATA100 HD, half a Gig of RAM, 3 Voodoo3s outputting to 3 17-inch monitors... Awww yeah... I'm feelin' the breeze...

However, this has meant that everything has had to be reinstalled from scratch, so that would explain the downtimes to Planet MadDog recently. The main pain in the side to fix was the News updating script. I finally (2 minutes ago) figured out that it was having problems with the fact that I've moved it onto a new drive. I think it's about time I upgraded to a new one. Fixed now though. Phew...

Well, what's new for me? Well most of the wedding plans have been organised. Apparently, all thats left to start on is the flowers and those little booklet thingies you get at the church. The suits have been chosen, and us guys have the fittings on the 20th of October (jot that down in your diarys, guys). The honeymoon has been chosen. At the moment we're looking at a 10-day tour of England, including 3 days in London, then 1 week driving around doing the tea-towel tour of Ireland before spending a week with rellies. We then leave for Bangkok where we'll spend New Years Eve. Then home :(. All we're waiting for before we book it in is confirmation that we can stay with my rellies over in Ireland over the week of Christmas. My cousin, Julie, is getting married at the end of November (I think) so I'll have to see what's happning first before I book anything.

Me, accepting my award
from Mr. Don McPherson
Oh yeah, and Saturday was the 2001 McPherson Media Group Annual Awards Night, and from ALL of the THOUSANDS of other web developers in the company I picked up the award for "Website of the Year 2001" for my work on the Taco Bill website. I also won the award last year for my work on the Flash intro to the Australian Airbrush Art website. I got a framed certificate and a nice boxed pen with "Website of the Year 2001 - Michael McCorry Taco Bill" written on it.

Still with me? Good...

Hmmm... what else has been occupying my time... Hmmm... Well games-wise, I've been playing Monkey Island 4 on the PC and Grandia 2 on the DC. I've also been toying with M.U.G.E.N. which, for those who don't know, is a kick-ass, free vs-fighting game engine which allows you to download from a selection of hundreds of characters and background stages to form your own super fighter megamix. Mine's looking at having about 156 characters now, with about twice as many backgrounds. I'm currently filling in the gaps with missing characters, while searching for the right music to accompany the many, many stages. I tell ya, it's gonna be kick ass. Mail me for more info if you want it.

It think I'll wrap this up now. My intention is to inform, not bore, so I'll leave you with a little news that my domain name comes up for renewal in January 2002, so I'll be planning a complete revamp of the website in time with that. Also, I've found a good use for my domain. What, exactly? You'll have to wait and see.
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