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Snow Trip 2001

Barbara Bush: an artist's impression.

I just got back from a weekend at the snow. We stayed at Gracie's auntie's ski lodge at Dinner Plain, which is about 10 minutes from the Mt. Hotham Resort. This little newspost had potential to be one of those groovy pictorials in my Output section, however some shit-for-brains forgot to bring the digital camera. Oh well. There were only really about five or six things I would have taken pictures of anyway, which brings us to the odd picture you can see to the right there. The one thing that I really wanted to take a picture of was the snow-lady that we built, so much so that I came this close (making small hand gestures) to buying a $30 disposable camera just so I could capture the moment. Unfortunately, you'll have to make do with the crude diagram (Click it for an enlarged version). She was anatomically correct (apart form the whole no-legs thing, but hey, you can't be picky with snow-people), had a top set of norgs, and... well... we named her Barbara Bush.

Other highlights of the weekend included making snow angels like they did in the Simpsons (except ours were crappy), going tobogganing down a crappy slope in a blizzard and ending up rolling down the hill and going much faster, playing Jenga when we got bored, making a beer tree by sticking many stubbies into a pile of snow, playing Pictionary when we got incredibly bored ("That's not a damn computer! It's a piece of cheese!" -- "Well I haven't drawn the mouse yet!"), and catching up on a couple of the Ralphs and FHMs from the 15,000 or so that I've bought and haven't read yet. Overall it was a fun weekend but not really something that I'd do all the time. Maybe another time, but perhaps without the twenty or so reletives hanging around.

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