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Yoo hoo... I'm still here!
Hi Folks. It's been a long while between updates so I'll be sure to make this one a doozy. Besides, as attractive as Barbara Bush (see below) is, I think it's time for a change.

Well, what's been happening with me? Okay, lets see. Well first of all, we were this close *making small hand gestures* to buying a house. It was a great house. In fact it was the first house that we really agreed on. We made an offer and it was accepted. Then we changed our minds... rather our minds were changed for us... never mind, long story. Needless to say, we withdrew our offer realising that now wasn't a good time to buy a house and deciding to instead wait until we got back from our honeymoon. However we still decided to go ahead with the sale of my unit, which is coming along nicely, apart from some unprofessional practices from the real-estate agent (but nothing too drastic).

The other important thing going on is the change in my job. It has come to pass that the web publishing division I work for has disolved and is no more. Rather than be made redundant, I have been offered a new job at the Shepparton News to join their online team to work towards the revamp of their current online presence and help them achieve their goals where all things web are concerned. Now this scared the hell out of me. I fear change. Of course now that I've had time for this to sink in and to realise what a good opportunity this is for me to widen my skills, I'm much cooler with it. I think it will be a bit bizzare at first, tip-toeing around the minefield that is online publishing, but I think once the initial leap has been made, and I'm a bit more sure of myself, things will be great. In terms of the work that I'll be doing, first of all I'll be finishing off the jobs that I already have in progress, then I'll be working on the McPherson Meda Group's Intranet site as a migratory project, working in closer with the Shepp News staff. Following that I'll be starting the groundwork on this News Online project, working with the Editorial team and their new news publishing software to develop the best way to deliver the news online and also offer my mad tech-consulting skills.

Well it's all happening at the moment, and now that the fear of progressing has subsided, I'm happy to ride this as far as it will take me. As for long term plans... well, that's all relative right now. But you can be assured that now things have calmed down, the Planet MadDog updates will keep on coming.
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