The Dude is Loony

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Loonsta you know if Fletch is in Shep today?
MadDog HERE HE IS!!! FOUND HIM!!! do I get a prize?
Loonsta nope.. too late..

Loonsta gee unicycles are cheap.. :P
Mikey heheh...yer mr ive-got-lots-of-balance.. heheheh
Mikey yeh.. surprisingly...
Loonsta balance mabye.. but dunno about unicycle.. it'd be cool to learnm tho..
Mikey yeh... put that on your list-of-stuff-to-do

Mikey aarrghhh!! put some clothes on!!
Loonsta hehe...

Mikey you were right.. Mr Feeny from Boy Meets World was KITT... hehehe,+William+(I)
Loonsta yeah I was pretty sure of it.. :)
Mikey yeah... you were good to pick it though.. gheheheh
Loonsta I picked it years ago when it was on prime time.. never verified it tho.. :P

Mikey Spideyman!
Loonsta great isn't it.. :)
Mikey YES!!!! *climbs up walls and shit*

Loonsta how many inputs does yours have?
Mikey its got 3 stereo and 1 mono one... my other vcr's mono that that works out well... I get my xbox next week so I'll replace the dreamcast with that, then I'll have
button 1 - ps2
button 2 - gamecube
button 3 - xbox
button 4 - vcr

Loonsta hehe you and ade.. console whores.. :P

Mikey The more I think that Toybox are for little kids, the more lines like "Can I touch your dingaling? Make Superman go Super-Schwing" freak me out... heheh
Loonsta hahah

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