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Soap Your General IQ Score is 161 I'm a freakin genius!
Mikey welcome to the genius club.. heres your name badge and complimentary pocket protector...
Soap do I get glasses with sticky tape on them?
Mikey no.. you have to earn them... its like karate, first you start off with clear sticky tape, then work your way throough the colours, yellow, brown, green, blue and finally white...
Soap awwww clear sticky tape......can I start at the boof head end and use electrical tape?
Mikey you may... but not white.. that is reserved for our lord harry potter...
Soap ok.....I only have dodgy orange ones anyways.....stupid servo doesn't have black and white :(
Mikey that shall do nicely... *measures your skull with one of those pinchy measuring things* Hmm.. very good..
Soap *gets flicked in the eye as your measuring tape flicks back* son of a bitch!
Mikey *clicks stop watch* reaction time to eye flicking, 0.027 seconds... very nice. the force is strong in you....
Soap I also do Yoga yes yoga I do
Mikey Do you do Yogo?
Soap hell no.......I ain't that crazy!
Mikey yeah.. crazy LIKE A FOX!
Soap hey I ain't no take that back!
Mikey but murdock was the cool one...
Soap pfft says you......I know that name but can't think of the show :(
Mikey the a-team!!! ba ba baaaaa!!! ba ba buuuuuum!!! ba ba baaaaa!!! ba badum dum duuuum!!!
Soap LOL thats right......I use to have the A-Team van AND the helicopter......I rode the car down our drive way
Mikey i just had a mr T and a Face man action figures...
Soap were what we use to refer to as "stupid A-Team wannabe"

Soap ya should make a thingie that makes :) turn into a real smiley face in chat......but give it a Mr T hair cut
Mikey I can do that too! woo hoo! what a plan... :)
Soap and make the :( look like Braden LOL
Mikey bwahahah! woo hoo... plan!
Soap Mr T can smite Braden!!
Mikey "I smite th' fool!"
Soap I pity the fool who don't go to muck ups!
Mikey heheh.. actually I'm scanning in wedding photos and informing Jules of all the incriminating things I saw her get up to at the muck up on the weekend while she was off her face... heheh
Mikey Muck up was lame.. none of the good people that were at the last one went to this, so it was like, me dagga, archangel and braden sitting around getting drunk... which is what we could have been doing at home
Soap hey I was a cool person at the last one.....yay me although I can't remember it and chucked a big sad whilst there
Mikey yes! you were one of the cool people!!! this is who this years muckup needed... you ivanshi wiz anj strych kyle Mr. T (why not?)
Soap and yoda?
Mikey yoda was there this year actually.. he helped us out with the bbq...
Soap did he get his tits out too?
Mikey no... but GOD that was scary.... I didnt get much sleep that night... you know how sometimes you wish you could un-see something?

Soap LOL from what Mel has told me about the BBQ I wish I was there just so I could hassle the dickhead people
Mikey it would have been a beautiful thing...
Soap being a non drinker now would make it even better I think.....and now that I know I am a genius.....look out world!
Mikey nyahey!!!! look out world!
Soap I am going to grow a Mr T-esque hair style!
Mikey WOW! I wish my wife would let me do that...
Soap you like saying "my wife" don't ya? hehe
Mikey its better than saying "my mother-in-law"

Soap is Mr T chat ready yet? this idle chit chat is making me hungry
Mikey nooo.. im still too busy scanning in wedding photos...
Soap'll have like five of them but only one Mr T chat room!
Mikey all good mr t chatrooms come to those who waits.
Soap Tom Waits? I love that guy
Mikey yes, his modern contemporary grooves move even the stubbornest stains...
Soap I dunno who he is......just knew I'd heard the name before
Mikey heheh I dont really know to be honest... a singer of some description... but the good thing is, that now I've mentioned him, when I add this crazy conversation to my homepage, Tom Waits fans from around the world will flock to my homepage!!! BWAHAHH!! now THATS genius!
Soap bet ya it's not IQ of 161 genius such as I wonder I am a professor
Mikey i canny remmebr, but it was around there....
Soap Tom Waits was around there?
Mikey No.. my IQ... Or was that my ICQ.... hmmm... He's here at the moment... Tom Waits that is.... He's mowing my back lawn...
Soap Tom Waits Tom Waits Tom Waits Tom Waits Tom Waits Tom Waits Tom Waits Tom Waits there......that'll get ya hits
Mikey yeah... and I'll see if I can find a pic of him and slot it in... just for the fans... so they dont get violent and start killing kittens, or domo-kuns, or what-have-them...
Soap hold on.....does he actually have fans?
Mikey Hmmm... youre right.. this may require more research
Soap to the Tom Waits mobile!

Soap Mikey rowed a boat ashore, are your arrrrrrrrrms sore? Mikey rowed a boat ashore what the helllllllll for?
Mikey I was getting som more tang.. I ran out..
Soap oh with out tang is like life without Blossom....that lovable teenage girl with the big nose
Mikey Blossom did indeed rock...
Soap her dad was so cool
Mikey and so was her friend, Six!
Soap lol i knew you'd remember all the meaningless little facets of the show
Mikey most of em anyway...

Mikey BOO TO MOTEPHOBIA!! scary scary moths!!
Soap I do ninja moves on them :)
Mikey I owuld, but their ninja skills exceed mine so I'm to frightened to...
Soap you need to get a stick
Mikey how big?
Soap depends how far you want to be away from them

Soap ooooooooh trashy Jerry ho's!
Mikey i miss jerry...
Soap KILL HIM HO!!!!

Soap welcome to my nightmare *has flashbacks of Alice Cooper eating chickens*
Mikey I ate chicken once... ...tasted like chicken...
Soap always the best way for it to be
Mikey yeah... well it can taste like apricot too, which is okay... as long as it dont go tasting like toe jam or something...
Soap toe jam......*sighs*......them were the days
Mikey yes.. and earl...
Soap what's earl got to do with it? whats earl if not a second hand emotion?
Mikey youre right.. damn earl...
Soap he sucks many butt holes

Soap you ever used NAT32 for networking?
Mikey nope ... but Ive used NAD32, which is similar, but is shaped like a giant pair of testicles.. err.. the answer is no sorry.. :)
Soap you know anything about networking?
Mikey Is that like a floppy disk? hhehe.. I'm playing dumb... but in honesty, I'm a web head... ask me anything about ASP, javascript, flash, html, cgi scripting, photoshop, pixie magic, etc...
Soap you do the web developement diploma?
Mikey nope.. i no need no steenking diploma
Soap you didn't do the diploma? are you insane? no one will give you a job!!
Mikey I have the super doctorate in web internets... So I'm Doctor Mikey of the Highest Order, SDiWIotHO

Soap Mikey old boy, how art thou?
Mikey thou are as humble as pie...
Soap would this pie you speak of happen to be humble pie?
Mikey indeed...
Soap you like the whitlams?
Mikey i love the whitlams... in a strictly platonic sence tho...
Soap what about Alex Lloyd?
Mikey I like alex lloyd... not as much as the whitlams though... but alex lloyd is lloyderiffic!
Soap now theres a word.....Lloyarific......I like it I like it!
Mikey yes! its should be included in the next edition of the websters...
Soap yes it should.......I'll give that little black guy a call and see if he can include it
Mikey he's the antichrist...
Soap but his house did have secret passage ways
Mikey yes... so it did.. Arrghh! flashbacks!
Soap I remember when he went on holiday to the desert and someone got bitten by a rattle snake.....crazy college kids
Mikey hahah.. I'm downloading the theme song now.. :)
Soap LOL thats just scary
Soap webster always wanted to be arnold I think

Mikey yeah New boy in the neighborhood Lives downstairs and it is understood. Hes there just to take good care of me, Like hes one of the family. Charles in Charge of our days and our nights Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights And I sing, I want, I want Charles in Charge of me.
Soap LMAO you sir are a bad bad man!

Soap can buy guns over the internet
Mikey yah!
Soap I might go on a kill crazy rampage and become famous like Stuart Diver......oh hold on....he just got stuck under rocks.....I mean Martin Bryant

Soap Dude! Yoda rocks!
Mikey doesnt he just? he's got that mad force goin on!

Mikey yay! I got a clickthough from the button on your webpage! yaay! thanks!! woooo!
Soap wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo *dances the jig of a triumphant person*

Soap I set up a message board!
Mikey you are the messagebaord setting up king!!!
Soap I know...I it just needs tweaking *tweaks*
Mikey *tweak tweak*
Soap thanks....I needed that *is tweaked*
Mikey *does the dance of a thousand tweaks* woooo!
Soap *is content in his tweaking*

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