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morgan you'll be sure to send me the address of your new place won't you so i can send you a housewarming pressie, right?
MadDog yeah sure.... and I'll send you lots of photos of it with me in it relaxing and saying stuff like "holy cow!"
morgan now that'll be worth the price of addmission

morgan sweets!!!! *hugest hugs* how's the new home coming along?
MadDog swimmingly!!!! YAAAY! Plenty room to move.. and bounce off the walls.. and run around in the nude.... yaaaaay!!!!! And turn the stereo up.... and play playstation games untill all hours of the morn... yaaaaay!!!! *boing boing*
morgan sounds like life is treating you well! don't you love running around in the nude? i swear i'd be a nudist if i could.
MadDog and why cant you??? :o)

morgan you're a very silly boy, aren't you? *laughing*
MadDog I am a very sensible boy thankyou very much..... Oh.. hang on... No I'm not... My mistake... Sorry... :oD
morgan i'd believe sensibly silly. no, that would imply that you might possibly be silly on purpose, and quite frankly, i think you that being silly is beyond your control. you can't help it. (this is starting to sound too serious now, isn't it?:)
MadDog Ahh... but my silliness is 100% under my control... I cant very well go to a meeting with a client with wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and a large flounder... you'll find that I can quite easily turn it on and off like a faucet... but when I can get away with it, I let the wackiness run free... Youre right though.. this is turning into a serious debate about how whacked I am... heheh

morgan ODE TO KURT

kurt cobain
got no brain
what a shame

now he's dead
full of lead
no top to his head

coutney's having fun
her band is dumb
she is scum

sales have sky-rocketed
too bad,
coz he can't pocket it
MadDog HAHAHAH!! I wrote that!
morgan i know you did! i was looking through a box and found a letter you sent me that had that poem in it.

morgan kurt got a huge promotion and we're moving to corporate headquarters!
MadDog WOo HOOoo!!! so what is he now? Senior Officer in charge of Head Kicking? cause that's what I aspire to be some day... :o)
morgan how did you guess? *lol*

morgan have you got olympic fever?
MadDog yeah... was a bit sick of it leading up to it... but now its on, I'm all "Ozzy! ozzy! ozzy! OI! OI! OI!" ... which is the great Australian chant..
morgan *laughing* it sounds like a great australian chant...

morgan is it true that you ozzies put beets on your hamburgers? or is this a vicious rumor? *worried look*
MadDog do you meen beets as in silverbeets? or beets as in beetroot? cause we put beetroot on our burgers.. as in the purple pickled things... .. mmm.. yummy beetroot...

morgan i had a dream with you in it again last night. i don't remember much except that you were there, we were on a boat with other people and there was a huge alligator in the water. the water was had a really strong current and was rising like it was a flood. very odd...
MadDog ahhh... you should lay off the out-of-date hot dogs before you go to bed...
morgan probably a very wise idea.

morgan you're too cute.
MadDog I am... cute as a button... heheeh
morgan silly boy. you're cuter than any button hee hee
MadDog but what if its a reeeeely cute button.. with a picture of me on it?
morgan well, as long as it has a picture of you on it, then it might be ok
MadDog yaay!

morgan why is it that you can always make me laugh?
MadDog because I have the mad laughter skillz....
morgan is that related to the mad hatter?
MadDog kinda... but without the hat...
morgan what about the watch?
MadDog i have one of those... so yes... but a smaller wrist variety...
morgan didn't the mad hatter have a pocket watch?
MadDog yeah.. but I dont have one of them ... i'm better... i win..

MadDog i won free pizza and videos and beer on the radio!
morgan yay!!! were you the 9th caller or something?
MadDog YES!!! the 9th! how did you know?
morgan AROOOOOO!!!!

morgan do you know how to make general tso's chicken?
MadDog i didnt know general tso could cook!
morgan ummmmmmmm didn't you work in a chinese restaurant?
MadDog yep.... but general tso didint work there with me... :)
morgan do you know what it is?
MadDog nup.. no idea...

MadDog there's a really strange looking woman in the internet cafe out the front.... she's got this weird frizzy hair and bizzare possum eyes, and a pink dress with puffy white shoulders....
morgan are you sure you aren't dreaming?
MadDog i hope not!
morgan *lol* she sounds lovely...
MadDog she's quite spooky...
morgan is she still there?
MadDog nope.. she's gone now... i think.. i hope... i was getting the heeby jeebies...

morgan do you think i'm weird?
MadDog nuttier than a snickers my dear....
morgan what about a payday? *laughing*
MadDog payday?
morgan the candy bar
MadDog we dont get that here...... (
morgan i'll send you some:)

MadDog its becoming more apparent as the days go by that gracies family are all nutcases....
morgan i thought had been established ages ago. i still remember some stories. don't forget, you're marrying her, not her family.
MadDog heheh.. yeah I know.... :) house hunting SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

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