Cloudy's Claptrap

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cloudz hey Dog as in Hello Dog!
MadDog oh.. hello there cloudy!!! how art thou and how art thine little one?
cloudz well my little one was ravenous, so I was of feeding him!... and I am just terrific thanks!

cloudz can u surf da web???
MadDog I can but its DEAD SLOW!
cloudz okay ta
MadDog actually.. some places are fast and some are slow.. im at and it looks nice... .. I mean it loads nice.. yeah

cloudz hey Mr Dog.... Is Grace coming camping this weekend?
MadDog no.. she's scared of all the weird ozchat nasties...
cloudz do you mean people? *L*.. oh tell her to come..... I will keep her safe from the nasties..hehehe

cloudz How the heck did you do that!
MadDog Through the miracles of modern dogginess...
cloudz well bravo to dogginess!
MadDog yay!

cloudz Why are you the Lizard Queen?
MadDog heheh.. its a simpsons thing.... when lisa drank the water...
cloudz ahhhhhhhhh... man and I thought I had seen EVERY Simpsons episode there is to see! hehe

cloudz So you recovered from the mousetrap situation ok? hehehe
MadDog yeah... who need's bungee jumping when youve got that kind of adrenilin pumping action in your life.. :o)

MadDog overlander at 7pm isnt it?
cloudz yup! Sure is...
MadDog yaay.. we'll be there..
cloudz *YAY*!.. we look forward to breaking bread with everyone!
MadDog or in dreds case, breaking wind.. hahah
cloudz *grin*....... oh you know him to well.......

cloudz hey you have to go and visit Stratford..... hmm I think that is the name of the place ...cos it has a place called the Ninja Tea Rooms.. hehehe we thought of you straight away when we passed it.
MadDog YAY!! I'd love to go there, and just sit stealthfully sipping tea...

cloudz I have got some weird monkey eyes...
MadDog should see a doctor about that...

cloudz *sung to the tune of Happy Birthday*... Merry Christmas to you Merry Christmas to you Merry Christmas dear whoever you are.... (coz this is going multi baby!) Merry Christmas to you... ohhhhh was that multi as good for you as it was for me? *grin*
MadDog it was truly multi-licious!

cloudz I solved the dead fish problem...... the guys used shower and tile silicone...which contains fungicide to control mould and mildew growth..... lethal for fish. It actually says not to be used on aquariums! Why dont men read labels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MadDog MWAHAHAHH!!! Well there you go! problem solvered!

cloudz Well bring ya togs and towels ppl on saturday night...we are having a Spa party... hehehehe
MadDog YEEE HAR!!!!!
cloudz *L*.... 6 man Spa.... and drinkies.... makes for some fun!
MadDog 6 man spa... with 30 people in it! yaay!!
cloudz *L*...well no..... only about a dozen...
MadDog so what does this spa party involve?
cloudz nakedness... think Caligula...
cloudz *L* nah just joking......
MadDog DOH
MadDog hehehhe... where is this spa of which you speak?
cloudz I am hiring one... they bring it in already set up on a tralier and it has steps up into it.
MadDog yay! and we can all wear togas.... then it can be a toga party too! and we'll get a keg... with bigass plastic cups...then it can be a keg party too! a big ol' keg-spa-toga-party!
cloudz it isnt going to be big.... you and gracie,, Kate, Braden, Sue and Daryl and Co, Silvi, my brother maybe, Pete and David and Fritz the sausage dog, Monaro for a little while... I think that is all.
cloudz *LOL*...... well that sounds like fun... All you have to bring is your togs and alcohol type refreshments.
MadDog whos pete and david? which one has Fritz? and who's the other one?
cloudz Pete = Little half bald man who comes into Mcmedia wanting to scan things. David = Long lanky teenager following Pete Fritz = Small brown long dog resembling a sausage.
MadDog fritz is the official mcmedia mascot...

cloudz thanks Doggie! *s* We now have lots of big ass cups! hehehe

MadDog dya think anyone would mind if I killed these little kids running around the cafe?
cloudz No...kill children......too darn many of them about these days anyway..... hehehe
MadDog *goes on mad children killing rampage...*

Mikey HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLOUDZ!!!!! May the day bring you all the happiness and pan-fresh waffles you desire!
cloudz YAY for pan fresh waffles! hehehe thanks Doggie...

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