Rayman Ramblings

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Rayman "Officer... Officer... i swear to god man I didnt know she was underage"
MadDog youre a nutbar
Rayman so true... so true..

-=RaYDude= you got this Discs of tron yet.. for mame.. looks ok...?
MadDog yeah... was one of the first ones ive got...
-=RaYDude= cool.. might grab it tonight.. is it any good...?
MadDog oh yeah... it uses the mouse in place of the paddle.
-=RaYDude= Mmmm mouse instead of paddles... sounds groovy...
MadDog moose instead of poodles....

MadDog Merry Xmas and all the best for the new year... Peace, Love and Mungbeans! This has been an announcement on behalf of the MadDog Association for the Terminally Insane.
-=RaYDude= you too matey.. plenty of festive gummy beans for you and ya family..
MadDog and may your Pez remain crunchy....
-=RaYDude= oh yes.. and pork.. cooked... hopefully...
MadDog mmm.. and crispy..
-=RaYDude= Mmm and may yoda still produce pez from his throat...
MadDog how DOES he do that?
-=RaYDude= Hmmmm i believe he users the force that he's famous for..
MadDog ahh... that would be it....

ScottM give me coffee man...
MadDog get yer own damn coffe... get me some while youre there!

ScottM welcome to the net..
MadDog thankyou, and I look forward to downloading much pornography....
ScottM i wish you luck in your filthy travels my son...

MadDog "Cabbages and Potatoes" Thats what you should be saying when youre pretending to say stuff.. thats what the extras on Neighbours say... take a tip from the pros....
ScottM thanks for the tip man.. i'll remember that..

ScottM great song..
MadDog bam... bam... bam... ba ba ba ba bam... bam... bam...
ScottM hehe... bum titty bum..

ScottM i wanna be him so much..
MadDog It hurts me that I'm not him...
ScottM he's my god..
MadDog he rocks my world... if I could be 1/100th of what he is I'd die a happy man...
ScottM yeah too far... hehe..
MadDog okay..
ScottM i want to have his love child..
ScottM opps.. im done..
MadDog now THATS too far..
ScottM i agree..

ScottM some fine breasts

Mikey HAHAH.. your email address is smid... :)
RaYMan hehe.. yeah fuck off. hehe.. its all i could get..

RaYMan is that a mouse mat?
Mikey NOoo! its the ps2 game.. I got it for $40 on ebay and its just been released on for PAL for $99.95.. hee!
RaYMan sweet.. nice pick up... didnt know you had a ps2
Mikey No i dont have one!! HAHAH So i guess I just have to spin it on my finger and make whoooosh noises until I get my PS2 on monday... :)
RaYMan hehe.. well yeah..

Mikey holy crap.. count dooku in starwars 2 is 80 freakin years old! wow... and he still gave yoda a run for his money...
RaYMan really was he.. far out..
RaYMan what was yoda though.. 600 ?

RaYMan kirsten dunst looks ravishing with dark auburn hair..
Mikey heheheh.. simply ravishing...

Mikey this apex club do or whetever is a no go.. they decided on a dj...
RaYMan oh a fucking dj.. what a cop out..
RaYMan wheres their live spirit
Mikey hehh i know.. cheap asses.. and theyre not even paying anyone.. theyre doing it themselves.. gah.. heheh oh well.. never mind..
RaYMan just to save a few bucks.. yeah heard that one before... loosers..
Mikey *makes loser sign on forhead*

Mikey heheh smid...
RaYMan yeah cheers... its all i could get... kinda like smeg hey..
RaYMan ah smiddit..
RaYMan this smidding comuter... is smidding me off..
Mikey HAHAH.. it sounds cool...

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