Ec Escapades

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Ric : )
MadDog :o)
Ric you have a funny nose!
MadDog oh shoosh... at least I have a nose... not like you ms no nose person!
Ric Hey I have a nose. Check this out sideways : ?
MadDog my god! now thats a nose!
Ric As in it looks realistic or it is large? My nose isn't that big. I have a button nose. tee hee hee
MadDog heheh.. so you should have a nose like :o)
Ric but it's not that shape!!! That's a big nose. Looks like the pigman that Kramer thought he saw!!
MadDog nar.. this is the pig man :<)
Ric No the O is the nose. You just need nostrals
MadDog hmmm.. well how would you do a button nose?
Ric Hmmmm, Not sure...
MadDog maybe :u)
Ric hmmmm - just doesn't look right : } ) That's a huge nose!
MadDog my god! that nose is insane...
Ric I know!! Looks like someone has been punched in the face

Ric hehe - I could send you my pic *enter freaky music*
MadDog well bring it on baby!
Ric No!!!
MadDog awww? why not?
Ric cos I've gone all shy on ya! hehe - okay I'll send the URL (stop twisting my bloody arm!)
MadDog yaay!
Ric okay it's (I'm the blonde one with the big boobies) hehe
MadDog GAH! you had me going for a sec... I didnt even see the url.. I just saw the words blonde and boobies and thought "WOW!" heheh...
Ric hehe - silly boy

Ric : ppplllhhhhh!!!
MadDog euuoo.. im all wet now...
Ric I didn't spit on you!! I would never do that!
MadDog hmmm.. maybe I'm wet for some other reason then...
Ric cos you've been out in the rain?
MadDog hmm... could be....
Ric sick pup

Ric I wanna be an ozchat moderator!!! (how do I do that?)
MadDog Watch as I wave my magic wand!! *POOF!* Nope didnt work..

Ric oh you're a happy boy aren't you? And you always have a drink in your hand!! Still keen on popstar Sophie or have you gone off her?
MadDog sophie still rocks.. but I dont see enough of her these days... and yes.. Ive cut back on the beers though... too much belly at the moment..
Ric good stuff on cutting back on those beers! ah well, Sophie is quite these days. Steph from Neighbours is getting my vote lately. lol
MadDog sorry.. got called away to perform open heart surgery on a tribe of swahilli pastry chefs... so what was it you like about steph from neighbours?
Ric roflmao - 4 AND A HALF HOURS LATER!!!!!!!!
MadDog heheh... well?
Ric what was the question?
MadDog steph from neighbours... I mean she's pretty cool, but she gets this weird look on her face every now and then...
Ric like what??
MadDog I dunno.. its just like.. her face gets all screwed up... and she doesnt nearly wear enough bikinis...
Ric you pervert!!!!!
MadDog hey! I'm not a pervert... I just like looking at naked women... :o)
Ric hehe - yeah good one!!
MadDog hehe... well what do you like about steph then?
Ric she's a cool banana. I hate the school teacher Tess. Which she had died instead of her husband - bitch
MadDog I know... everythings so fake with her... she, however, does wear many bikinis...

Ric so what's this weird look that Steph gets?
MadDog i dunno.. you just have to look out for it from time to time...
Ric a screw up face? It's probably cos she has to spend so much time with Toady and Lance (friken directors and writers) hehe
MadDog hehe.. yeah... theyre drop kicks... theyre worse than Dawson Leery...
Ric oh don't get me started on Dawson Leary. I can't stand him. I just want to torture him with a pair of tweasers
MadDog and pluck his slug-like eyebrows?
Ric yup! gross!! and he's soooo mean to Joey (who has a weird thing with one side of her mouth. Have you noticed that?)
MadDog I have noticed that.. but I think its cute.. because.. well.. I just do.. she's joey! yeah!! joey rocks... weird mouth thing and all...

Ric Shepp is okay. I mean you live there so it can't be that bad!! *hee*
MadDog oh you tease you... *blush*
Ric hehehe You dag!

Ric Where did you go for lunch?
MadDog hungry shmacks....
Ric ewwwwww That's disgusting!
MadDog i know, but I had a 2 for 1 shop-a-docket...
Ric oh okay *thinks of hungry's and shudders*
MadDog come to think of it.. i feel pretty crook now...
Ric so you going to vomit?
MadDog nah... I think I can keep down the chunks... I might have a drink of water though.. *sip* ahhh.. refreshing..
Ric Don't mention chunks. That is sooooo yukky!!!! I feel sick now myself
MadDog ooh.. sorry... water?
Ric please *takes a sip* Hey!!! This is vodka not water!! *rushes to the nearest little girl's room*
MadDog *follows you*
Ric why are you following me into the ladies loo?
MadDog I dunno... I just seemed like the hip thing to do... I made a boo boo?
Ric well I don't think you'll be getting a welcome invitation on a usual day. The candy machine in the bathroom's is NOT a candy machine! Boy's can be so dense sometimes
MadDog oh... but they're chewy....

Ric where did you shoot off to? Did you get lost in the toilet did you?
MadDog i didna go anywhere.. Ive been right here waiting for you to get back...
Ric you were offline for a time that's all.
MadDog oh.. yeah puter exploded .. had to get a new one.. :o)
Ric exploded?

Ric i'm in a very pump up the volume mood at the moment
MadDog as in you want to increase the volume of the music or as in the christian slater movie?
Ric well the movie really.

MadDog youre cool
Ric Yay! but shhhh, don't let the world know that I'm cool. They won't be able to handle that news!!
MadDog okay.. it'll be our little secret... cool person.. :o) you'll have to teach me how to be cool someday... then we can be cool buddies...
Ric I'll try to (but remember that I am a writer *or try to be* so I can write cool stuff and just appear cool online - you've been warned
MadDog oh.. so what youre saying is that in real life you might be a noddy?
Ric a noddy?
MadDog yeah.. a nodule... but zenny sez youre cool.. and I believe her.. :o)

Ric It's my fave pic of Jewel and I (sadly) do not look like Jewel
MadDog ahh.. well Ive seen jewel before.. she's nice.. and her melons are unusually large for her petite frame.. not that you probably noticed...
Ric right right Anyway, this pic is a nice one of her and her horse. aww!!!
MadDog Aww...
Ric That's what I thought! ps - you have an abnormal pre-occupation with breasts
MadDog Define "abnormal"?
Ric Well all guys have a pre-occupation with it but you just voice yours more so than others
MadDog Ahh.. you see, I believe that they are things of beauty and should not be suppressed in general conversation among friends.

Ric You interrupted me with your message then
MadDog Oh I did not!
Ric yes you did. I was in the middle of getting dressed and you deliberately held off messaging me until I was half nakie... *grumble grumble*
MadDog are you still half nakie by any chance??? *fingers crossed*
Ric in spirit perhaps but not in reality.
MadDog aww... well in that case in spirit, I'm TOTALLY nakie!!
Ric wooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can almost see you frolocking naked (if your spirit wasn't see-through)
MadDog hehehe.. i like to frollick...
Ric yup - while some ppl frollock (those are the ones that can't spell)
MadDog i like frollicking better cause its got the work licking in it.. mmm. *lick*
Ric hahha Go lick over there fool!!! *points*
MadDog *licks over there*

Ric brought some lollypops. *hands on over*
MadDog oooh... chuppa chups.. mmm.

Ric sigh - I hate homework!!
MadDog Me too... lets burn it!
Ric okay!!! *erica gets some matches and petrol*
MadDog woo hooo!!

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