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Gracie gets her eye cut up!
Before you become too alarmed, I'll fill you in. 3 weeks ago (just to show you how slack I've been in updating the site) Gracie had her corneal graft done. She's had bad eyesight all her life and she had finally reached the stage where surgery was the only solution. But this isn't your average namby pamby poofter laser eye surgery. The procedure involves taking a little cookie-cutter/apple-corer type tool and removing the front part of the eye, then they do the same thing with A DEAD PERSON'S EYE (all together now, "AARRGGHHEEUUUGHH!"). They then get the donor cornea and SEW it on to the eye. When we went back to the surgeon for a check-up, the doc said that everything is going really well and although she's experiencing a bit of discomfort at the moment, she should be able to see much better in a couple of weeks. He also took a photo of the eye with his magic eye-photo-thing machine as you can see above (Click it for an enlargement). Yes those are the stitches you can see there, with the knot tied near the top there. Gross.
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