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Festivities ahoy!

Hey! First off, I'd like to thank you for your greetings and well wishes. Yes, apparently today is my 25th birthday, the day where people go "Quarter of a century, you see?" and I reply "Yes, I am amazed by your mathematical prowess". I guess I'm just at the stage where its only just another birthday and pressies and parties just aren't really necessary, however dont let that discourage you from giving me cool stuff.

Also, yesterday happened to be the one year anniversary for Gracie and my good self. To celebrate this momentous occasion I splashed out and got an executive suite at Crown Towers in Melbourne for the night. Our suite was on the 24th floor, so the view was pretty great. We dined at their many restaurants, watched Harry Potter at one of their many cinemas and laughed at their many gambling losers. We also spent some time at the Melbourne Aquarium and did a lap of the Chadstone Shopping Centre, both places I'd been meaning to visit for a while now. Generally a great weekend.

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