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Slap me and slap me hard for not updating the site in over 13 days. I've been a bad... bad... boy... *ahem* ...but I digress, so here's an update.

Sphagnum rock! We certainly do. Sphagnum played its first paying (over $50) gig on Friday night at the local Irish pub, Flannigans, and it was a buzz and a half. We had a song list of about 58 songs to go through, but there was no danger of us running out of music. We even skipped a couple of songs, just to keep the moment happening. On behalf of Braden, Scotty and myself, I'd like to thank everyone who came for attending and showing their support, even if it was only for a little bit (Thanks Dad!). The Flannigans dude said we were great and he got some good feedback from people at the bar. We should definately get another gig there. The only bit of constructive criticism he had was that during "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Scotty was a bit loud, and he was absolutely right. We always go right off for that one. Before this gig we had another one (which I also forgot to report on) at the GV Hotel in front of a crowd of about 250 people. It was a charity cocktail party called "Shimmers", so we didn't get paid for it, but we got a lot of good publicity out of it (Thanks Leanne) and we had a ball.

My new job's going pretty good. I'm not nearly as scared as I was. I've attended umpteen meetings outlining exactly what we want to achieve and what my role will be. The targets are quite realistic so it's very reassuring. Right now though, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I swear, I better not be getting a cold/flu (#4 for the year), because if I am, I'll be forced to... umm... err... I dont know... drink Lemsip or something...

Oh, and if you do really slap me, look out!

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