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Sphagnum Rock the Aussie
Well, as far as Shepp's concerned, Sphagnum have made it. On Friday night we played at the Hotel Australia and we all had a ball. I was probably more nervous about this than I was about any other gig so far. But we played well, got some good feedback and above all, we had a great time. Now the real test is to see if we can get another gig there.

We also played on Saturday night at a 21st out in the sticks near Euroa. This was a more laid back gig, which is good, cause I was still a little knackered after the night before. The crowd was a bit stale, but we still had fun up there, although I didn't realise how cold it would be outside in the wind.

Oh, and if you would like to book Sphagnum for an upcoming event, let me know.
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