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Ross Noble
It was a few weeks ago now, but it was definately worth a mention, Kat, okay? :)

Gracie and I went down to Melbourne for the 2002 Melbourne International Comedy Festival to see Geordie comedian Ross Noble with my good friend Kat and her boyfriend Scott. I'd seen Ross on Rove a few weeks earlier and though he was absolutely hilarious and a definate must to see live.

Ross is one of those comedians where he just improvises the whole time, which makes it difficult to tell your mates the jokes the next day. I just wish I'd recorded the show. It would make it so much easier than going "... and then he made this noise which reminded him of the Hawaii 5-0 theme and some tumbling Chinese acrobats. Oh yeah, then he imitated a member of the waving family as he was hatching from a faberge egg! HAHA! Then he was talking about Bert Newton's freakishly large head!"

I also got to try some bizzare mock-meat at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. It was quite tasty, although some of the deep-fried foods were quite greasy. All in all it was a great night, and a great time was had by some.
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