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There's just not enough room in My Pants to move around.
Just a thread I started on the OzChat Posting Board that's been tickling my ticklish bits lately. The jist of it goes:


Some day I hope to own a nightclub and call it "My Pants" so i can have the slogan:

There's a party in My Pants... and EVERYONE'S invited!

Kel: Thats actually a good idea.. and then people can say.. "I was in MadDog's pants last night.. and it was soooooo pumping" ;)

If someone dropped their drink you'd have to declare "there's been a spillage in My Pants".

And for the chalkboard outside:

"Drop into My Pants and have a drink."

sobriety&joe: "News at Eleven: Fire at My Pants. Popular night/day/really anytime club is still raging out of control. Firemen and cops reportedly still high from fumes of Mary Jane stashes burning inside. Owner MadDog has been trying to do his part by pissing on the blaze while drinking heavy doses of club soda. He askes any and all to come out and do their pissing best to put out the blaze."

I can see the headlines now...

"There's a fire in My Pants!"


"Sadness at the fall of My Pants"

Posted by a very amused MadDog on Wednesday May 29, 2002 at 5:27 PM - (0 comments)


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