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Erm, yes. I just got back 10 minutes ago from watching Episode II. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I know enough to know that when youre talking about movies, it certainly is something special. Most 70's babies like myself can fondly remember seeing the Star Wars films as part of their childhoods, the same way they remember Knight Rider, the A-Team and The Transformers. The Star Wars saga is one of last centuries greatest institiutions. I've never played the RPG, or the card game. I used to have a couple of the action figures as a kid. I think I used to have a Star Wars drink flask too (or it might have been E.T. - I dont remember). I was curious to see how it would make its transition into the 21st century.

I think most would agree with me that Episode I was a bit of a let-down; a kids movie which served mostly to raise enough money through merchandising to fund the creation of the next film. Well my official opinion of the second (Second? Fifth? Whatever...) installment is "WOO HOO!". I'm so glad that George Lucas got some help on writing the screenplay for this film. It's no masterpiece, but it potentially could have been much worse. It has almost everything of what the fans have been wanting to see... and yes, the Yoda lightsabre battle IS as cool as its rumoured to be, the only problem is that it doesnt go for quite long enough. All that's left is for George and Co. to nicely wrap things up in the final film. Let's hope they can do justice to this film and its sequals with Episode III.
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