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Babies a-poppin!

Well, only one baby really. My buddy, Jerzakie, is expecting his first child any minute now, and I am just excited to pieces for him.

I loved reading the latest entry on his blog, not so much for what he had to say, but mainly because it brought back so many memories of myself when I was in his shoes nearly 16 months ago. When Amy was almost ready to pop, I stopped worrying about what sort of a father I was going to be. At that time, of much greater concern was wondering what sort of world your children are going to grow up in. Every story on A Current Affair makes you either swear loudly at the television (a habit I've had to give up recently, now that Amy is repeating what we say), or shake your head, muttering phrases like "to hell in a handbasket" under your breath.

Of course, over time I've realised that like much like resistance against the Borg, worrying about the direction the world is heading in is futile, and more than 15 months later I've come to learn that there are more important things to worry about... like what sort of father I'm going to be.

Posted by a very excited MadDog on Friday May 6, 2005 at 9:53:44 PM - (4 comments)


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