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Babptismal Baby Bonanza

Well Amy is three months old tomorrow, and her baptism is this Sunday. We've got boatloads of rellies coming over for the ceremony and a BBQ lunch at our place afterwards; 50 people so far so it looks like its going to be a big day (not to mention the preparation and house-tidying in the days leading up to it). I'd like to invite you all to come, but you know how it is, what, with the collective internet masses being the size you are, and plus, my back yard isn't that big. I hate these sorts of things; not the parties, they're okay. It's just the spaz that Gracie gets herself into getting the place ready, cleaning, polishing, disinfecting, baking and otherwise organising the day. Call me lazy (why not, Gracie does) but that sort of thing annoys me. I see the need for it, but I can't identify things that need to be done. I ask if there's anything I can do and Gracie's like "What? Are you blind? Can't you see that those top cupboard handles are dusty? The cobwebs need sweeping, the dinner plates need rotating, and the pumpkins need polishing. ARRGH! Theres too much to do!"

As for the baptism itself, I know what it's all about but I had no idea it was such a big deal. Not being Catholic myself, I've always found myself facinated by the traditions of the Catholic church. There's all these ancient rituals, and bits where everyone says the same thing at the same time without any apparent prompting. It's kinda spooky and almost a little comfortable being the only one not reciting the passages along with the rest of the congregation. So I've got no idea of what's expected of me for this Sunday, but I hope its nothing too scary.

I've taken some great photos of Amy in her baptism dress, so I'll post them here later.

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